The Come When Called Game!


Who says learning can’t be FUN!!!  You can teach your pup to COME WHEN CALLED by playing a fun game with your dog.  There are many variations of the game, but I love having the game played with two people and a dog that wins no matter who he goes to!

What you need to play the game is a long line of at least 15ft; two people; and some high value treats like string cheese or meat of some kind.  Both people have the high value treats. Person A grabs the end of the line.  Person B strolls along with Person A, with the dog trekking along with both of you.

Person A (who has the end of the line in this round) silently peels away a little bit, while Person B encourages the dog to keep up with them, but doesn’t walk so far that the dog will meet the end of the 15 ft. line.  Person A is going to call “FIDO COME” before the dog will meet the end of the long line –the millisecond  the command is given, it is important that Person B stops walking and disengages with the dog when the command is being issued by Person A.

Person A will continue to call “FIDO COME” in an upbeat and encouraging voice.  Also, Person A can wheel the line in like a fish on the end of the line.  As soon as the dog comes to you, mold/lure/shape the sit and GIVE THE TREAT!

Now, Person B takes the end of the line and you repeat the sequence. Just remember that once that dog comes to the person calling, be certain to be the best party ever!  A great party has a warm welcome, great food and it’s always so much fun, you can’t wait to get to that party again and again!  And also know that line is on so that if the dog gets confused you can most certainly help them with some gentle line guidance.  Have fun as you teach your dog to come when called!