Meet The Team

Meet The Team

It is our passion to care for the heart, mind, body and soul for our dogs.

It is our goal & mission to enable our clients to be able to do the same for their dogs and become the BEST dog owner that they can be.

It is our life’s work to help dogs discover how to live life with people in a balanced, safe, sane and calm way.


Owner/Trainer – Aly is a certified dog trainer that loves people as much as their pooches and teaches the necessary skills for them both to enjoy a balanced life with each other. Aly’s approach is rooted in relationship, not commands alone. Aly trains humans, other dog professionals & trainers, and multiple dogs as she lives her daily life – which is complete with a bit of chaos and a lot of love 

Certified ForceFree Method Off-Leash Remote Collar Trainer with Marc Goldberg
Certified Perception Modification – Conditioned Relaxation with Kayce Cover
Certified Leading by Example Trainer via LAW Workshop with Brian Agnew & Cheri Lucas
IACP Certified Dog Trainer #5409
Volhard Dog Nutrition Consultant
Pet First Aid & CPR
Professional Member International Association of Canine Professionals
Pack2Basics Workshop with Chad Mackin
Working with Difficult Dogs with Heather Beck
Wendy Volhard’s “Healthy Dog Conference”
Lucas Agnew’s “Raw Intuitive Talent – The Missing Link” Workshop
Chad Mackin’s Behavior Trouble-Shooting Workshop
Chad Mackin’s Pack to Basics Workshop
Dealing with Difficult Dogs seminar with Heather Beck
Relationship Based Behavior Modification with Nelson Hodges
Dog Bite Prevention Webinar
Seizure Dog Training Summit
Training Between the Ears with Mark McCabe
Nelson Hodges Relationship Based Behavior Modification Workshop
Diabetic Alert Dog Summit with Adam Gibson
Week-Long Shadow Program with Marc Goldberg
Mid-Coast Veterinary Medical Association’s Behavior Symposium


Head Trainer –Mariah has been walking and talking with the animals since she can remember.  She’s been with Aly for years, working 7 days a week with all the animals at the Ranch.  She loves dogs and they love her.  The Amazing Miss M has found her calling, and speaking “Dog” has become her life’s passion.


Luke is a modern day Dr. Doolittle! Animals simply ADORE him! Luke is our trainer that travels the world sharing the GOOD NEWS about how to live life together in your home, with your dog, in a safe, sane and civilized way. Luke is instant family–wherever he goes!

ForceFree Method Off-Leash Training with Marc Goldberg (Two Courses)

The Dogs

THE DOGS are the reason why we do what we do!  Our personal dogs share each and every day with our dogs in training, helping them to learn what a calm and balanced state of mind looks and feels like.