Make Every Dog Walk a Good Walk.

Experience the leash that gives you and your dog the perfect balance of comfort and control.

the Good Walker Leash

Designed and patented by renowned Dog Trainer, Aly Rodges

How it works:

Make a loop and place lead over dog’s head.

Slide ring, pulling rope to make a loop with ring resting under the chin of the dog.

Place loop over the nose and slide the black snugger down to lock the leash high on the dog’s head, between the ears, keeping it centered.

Clip the safety to the flat collar. If anything happens, your dog can’t get loose.

Stress-Free Dog Walks

Join over 10,000 happy clients and their dogs who love the GOOD WALKER LEASH for joyful walks!

🐾 Reduces Pulling: The leash reduces pulling behavior in your dog.
Walks are enjoyable: Relax as you walk.

🐾 Improves Control: Easily control your dog, even around distractions and other dogs.

🐾 Versatile: Use it as a slip leash or head halter for any size dog.

🐾 Reliable: Made in America with high-quality materials, this soft yet tough leash withstands 750 lbs of pressure!

🐾 Calming Effect: Calms dogs, boosting attentiveness and behavior on walks.

🐾 Comfort: Soft, non-slip material for safe, comfortable walks for your dog and you

🐾 Peace of Mind: Safety features ensure your dog won’t get loose.

🐾 Easy Adjustment: Easy to put on, fits all breeds and sizes without constant adjustment!

🐾 Effective Training Tool: Trusted by professionals, this tool curbs reactivity and aggression!

Imagine Your Walks, Transformed!

Have you ever dealt with your dog pulling, lunging, reacting, sniffing uncontrollably or jumping during your walks?

THE GOOD WALKER leash is a tool for guiding your dog towards a calmer state. When those silly shenanigans begin, you’ll have the power right in your hand to stop it! Turn daily walks into joyful adventures with the most trusted leash by professional dog trainers and dog walking enthusiasts!

Reduces pulling behavior in your dog so every dog walk is a good walk.

Serves as both a slip leash and a head halter, accommodating various needs, sizes, and breeds with ease.

Leash offers calm control, improving attentiveness and obedience in challenging situations.

Made in America of high quality, soft materials and doesn’t slip or get tight on the head, ensuring safety and comfort for the dog.

Discover a life where every walk with your dog is a pleasure, not a challenge.

🐾 Peaceful Walks: Every step with your dog is calm and controlled.

🐾 Enhanced Safety: Your dog is safely by your side, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moments together.

🐾 Deeper Bonding: Discover a new depth of connection with your dog as stress-free walks help foster trust and companionship.

As a professional dog trainer I am thrilled with this versatile training tool. The O-Rings slide perfectly. The nose loop when in use does not tighten unnecessarily, requiring constant adjustment to ensure comfort for the dog. The safety back up is excellent, high quality with the perfect amount of slack and has a very secure buckle. The snugger (stop) on this tool secures in place and does not move. This type of tool is my GO TO for leash reactive or aggressive dogs but is excellent with dogs across the board. I am so happy to be using such a high quality tool. The best of its kind on the market and was clearly created with both the comfort of the dog and ease of use for the handler.

– Cynthia Garlaska, Dog Trainer, A Better Bond Dog Training, Texas

Aly, the leashes arrived! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Dash looks very handsome in the red one. He is doing so well on his walks. Such a game changer for us. In the evening when he is not as energetic, we actually just walk with him on the slip lead. But, if he begins to pull, the loop goes right on and he knows this is business and he stops pulling. It’s AWESOME!!

– Paige Lavorando and Dash

Got my leash and my Aussie has been transformed on walks and I can take her shopping and park her while I check out. It’s like night and day. For some glorious reason, she replies to all my commands with the Good Walker leash on with the loop. Can’t say enough

– Anita Miller

I can walk my 3 big labs, Benelli, Remington and Rugar all at the same time with manners and respect with the Good Walker leash on. Best Leash Ever!!
– Traci Ferini

Abbey is such a good girl when she has the Good Walker leash on. It doesn’t take much to make my back be done … a little pulling will finish the bad back fast. Miss Abbey loves her friends and when she sees someone special that she knows, while out for a walk or in a restaurant, she loses her head for a split second and pulls a little bit …. Unless she has the Good Walker on, then there is not pulling at all, she stays right by my side with no pulling on the leash. It’s like a miracle leash!!! Best tool I’ve ever had. Thanks so much Aly!!!
– Captain Becky Campbell

It’s not often that I get excited about a product but WOW this leash is amazing. This crazy girl has always pulled the whole time she is on a walk. But we put this new Good Walker Leash from Aly on and voila!! No more pulling. It did take her a couple of minutes to get used to it. I thought maybe she wouldn’t want me to put it back on the next time but she was so excited and sat for me to put it on her. (It’s so easy to put on and is very secure) She is a pretty well trained dog but for some reason walks have always been a struggle. Not anymore!! Definitely taking more walks now with my Chanelly Belly Thanks Aly.

Hi, I’m Aly

I’m the designer of the patented, Good Walker leash and I’ve trained over 6,500 dogs and tested hundreds of leashes at my dog training facility, Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp in California, and not one leash had everything I wanted! Necessity really was the mother of invention for me. After creating two prior patented leashes the third time was the charm to get to the perfect leash. There is nothing left to improve. I simply LOVE my GOOD WALKER leash!!


Is it a muzzle?

No, it’s not a muzzle. The Good Walker Leash head halter lets your dog eat, bark, pant, drink, yawn, and smell freely. The nose loop doesn’t constrict their mouth at all.

Need a longer leash?

Our leashes are standard 5ft. Need more length? Custom orders available at

What does it mean when you say it’s 2 leashes in 1?

The GOOD WALKER leash combines a traditional slip leash with a head halter option for comfort and control. This 2-in-1 solution fits various dog sizes and breeds, offering versatility and ease.

Where is the leash made?

Our leash is proudly made in the USA from durable, high-quality materials that are super soft to your dog’s head and a pleasure to your hands!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Absolutely!  Click here for details on our wholesale pricing!

How is the Good Walker leash different from other leashes?

Rigorously tested on thousands of dogs at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, our patented Good Walker leash is reliable and effective for various sizes and breeds. Made in the USA, it’s designed for durability and comfort. Here’s why the Good Walker leash stands out:

    • The Safety: Strong and smooth, our safety feature hooks to your dog’s flat collar, preventing escape. Made from the same durable material, it doesn’t tangle or interrupt the leash’s functionality.
    • The Snugger Lock: Durable and sturdy, our lock holds the leash in place and moves easily. Made of the same material as the leash, it resists chewing and damage.
    • The Material: High-quality, smooth, and soft braided multifilament polypropylene fibers. Stays pliable in cold, releases knots easily, floats in water, and can be washed in a mesh bag. Withstands up to 750 lbs of pulling force (small size) and 1800 lbs (regular size).
    • The Mechanisms: Smooth, high-quality metal rings adjust to any dog size without discomfort. The rings slide easily, ensuring a perfect fit without cutting into the dog’s skin.
    • The Versatility: Adjustable loop fits any dog size, from a Doberman to a Chihuahua. Functions as a slip lead or head halter, offering two training tools in one.
    • Easy to Put On and Adjust: Simple to get on an excited dog, even with one hand. Transforms into a head halter with a slide of a ring, easily slipping over the nose.
    • Proudly Made in the USA: As a family-owned business, we guarantee top quality and proudly support local craftsmanship.
    • Available in 12 colors!
      I have a small dog, will it fit?

      We offer a small size perfect for itty bitty dogs up to 20 lbs, and our rope can withstand up to 750 lbs of pressure!

      My dog is really strong and pulls, can this leash handle it?

      The Good Walker leash is crafted to handle even the most robust pullers and their shenanigans! Made from strong multifilament polypropylene fibers, it withstands up to 1800 lbs of pressure. More than just strength, it helps you clearly communicate acceptable behavior during walks.

      How is your leash different from other head halter designs?

      Here’s where the magic lies – unlike standard head halters like the Halti or Gentle Leader, The GOOD WALKER features a distinctive, patented design that provides control from the top of the head, gently applying pressure to the bridge of the nose. One leash fits a variety of dog sizes. The head halter configuration of the GOOD WALKER is noted for its simplicity and the soft comfort it provides to your dog. This unique design reduces neck pressure, offers a safe leverage point, and discourages pulling in a humane way.

      Can I return it?

      Absolutely! We’re confident in our Good Walker leash, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Return it within 30 days for a full refund!

      Send returns to The Good Walker Leash, 776 Calle Bendita, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. Customer pays return shipping. Items must be in re-sellable condition. Refunds issued after quality inspection. For exchanges or questions, contact

      How long will it take for my order to arrive?

      When you order the Good Walker Leash, we ship it fast from our stocked fulfillment center. You’ll get a tracking number immediately. Delivery takes 3-7 business days. Need it sooner? Contact for rush order options. Need more length? Custom orders available at

      Who do I contact with any questions?

      For ongoing support or questions, email us at

      Oh no! My dog doesn’t like the leash. What now?

      We’re here to help! With your purchase, you’ll get a video tutorial on introducing your dog to the head halter. Follow Aly & her team on FB, IG, TikTok, and YouTube for daily training tips and strategies. Need more help? Visit our Facebook page, Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp to ask questions and get guidance. 


      The Good Walker Leash


      The Good Walker® stands out with its innovative ‘2 leashes in 1’ design that allows it to switch effortlessly between a classic slip leash and a unique head halter. If you’ve experienced common walking challenges like pulling, lunging, or jumping, The Good Walker leash effectively reduces these issues, smoothly guiding your dog to a more settled and composed behavior.

      Leash Sizing Guide

      • Small: For dogs under 20 pounds and short snouted dogs. Available in 5ft length.
      • Regular: For dogs 20 pounds and over. Available in 5ft. length.
      • Custom lengths available, email us at

      For bulk orders, find wholesale pricing here

      Satistfaction Guarantee

      The Good Walker Leash provides you with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


      The Good Walker Leash offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Return items in re-sellable condition to 776 Calle Bendita, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. Customer pays return shipping.

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