Transform Dog Walks with The Good Walker® Leash!

Experience the Revolution in Dog Walking: The Good Walker®’ Debuts at Global Pet Expo in Orlando!

In the field of dog training, Alyson Rodges has achieved a remarkable milestone with the creation of the patent-pending “The Good Walker®” leash. This leash is a game-changer in the industry, distinguished by its exceptional features and innovative design. During an interview with Nick Stader, Alyson offered a detailed look into the creative process and the driving forces behind this pioneering product.

Necessity truly was the mother of invention for Alyson in creating  “The Good Walker®” . With her extensive experience handling numerous leashes, she realized none fully met her comprehensive needs. This gap in the market inspired her to conceptualize a leash that merged the best features she had encountered with those she found lacking elsewhere. The culmination of her efforts is the 2-in-1 “The Good Walker®”, transcending the typical slip leash or head halter to become a versatile, comfort-focused innovation. Alyson is proud that her invention not only fulfills its intended function with excellence but also presents an opportunity for financial savings by combining two products into one. This dual-functionality eliminates the necessity of purchasing separate items. A friend of hers humorously remarked, “Why buy two when one will do!” – a phrase so catchy that it has become synonymous with her creation.

“The Good Walker®” is unique in its ability to transform from a traditional slip leash to a distinctive head halter. Its design is aimed at providing unprecedented control and safety for the dog and ease for the owner.  The leash  is designed with smooth rings enabling the fabric to move effortlessly, and a robust safety feature that guarantees the leash stays securely on the dog without hindering the dog’s movement or the leash’s sliding ability. It also includes a dependable lock system, ensuring a seamless and safe walking experience. The convenience of its one-handed size adjustment feature is particularly beneficial, making it easy to handle even the most energetic and wiggly dogs!

One of the most significant advantages of “The Good Walker®” is its design over other head halter products. Unlike standard halters, it offers control from the top of the head, allowing for a more comfortable and natural walking experience for various dog sizes. This design minimizes pressure on the dog’s neck and discourages pulling in a safe and humane way.

Made in the USA with premium materials, “The Good Walker®” combines durability with comfort for both dogs and their owners. This stylish and practical leash includes a robust safety hook, a sturdy lock, and smoothly adjustable metal rings. Available in an array of colors to suit every style, “The Good Walker®” also boasts the unique feature of being buoyant – it floats!

Alyson rigorously tests “The Good Walker®” leash every day at her training facility, Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, located in Arroyo Grande, California. Having trained thousands of dogs, this leash has proven its reliability and effectiveness. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, “The Good Walker®” is an adaptable tool, ideal for handling canines ranging from the small and dainty to the large and strong. It is offered in both standard and custom lengths, ensuring it meets the varied requirements of the dog community.

Excitingly, Aly’s “The Good Walker®” leash will be featured in the New Product Showcase at the Global Pet Expo, scheduled for March 20-22 in Orlando, Florida. This event will provide a fantastic platform for independent retailers, distributors, and mass-market buyers.

The  “The Good Walker®” represents the future of dog walking, offering a two-in-one solution that provides double the comfort, control, and fun for both dogs and their owners. Alyson invites dog owners to transform their daily walks into treasured activities filled with connection, calm, and joyful discoveries. “The Good Walker®” is not just a leash; it’s an opportunity to enhance the walking experience, fostering stronger bonds between pets and their owners.


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