Conditioned Relaxation

Join Aly this week and learn how to use Kayce Cover’s Conditioned Relaxation to help you dog choose the right time to be alert or easy. It’s an important piece of the puzzle of how to teach your dog how to choose calm! Watch now!

The Come When Called Game!

Hello Everyone! Things are hopping over here at Aly’s Acres!! This week we are visiting another oldie but goodie! After training well over 1700 dogs and double that number of people, I can tell you that one of the top questions people ask is “How do we get a dog to come when called?” Whether you…

Aly’s dual purpose Learning Leash with..

Greetings to all of my friends! Visiting another oldie but goodie!  Are you tired of some of your training tools not working for you? Were you unable to establish a great foundation? Join me as I walk through my neighborhood, encounter furry friends with their humans and offer some tips.  We will learn how my training…

Using BREAKS for Your Dog While you Work

Hello out there in Dog-Land! This week’s vlog is about using BREAKS wisely when working your dog! Do you know what motivates your dog? Maybe it’s treats, maybe it is an extra sniff or two! When you are working with your dog, you have to learn all of their motivators and take them into consideration….

It’s all about the Poop!: When You Sho..

Hello Friends! This week it’s all about the poop…and a few other things! It’s really amazing (dog trainer geek out moment) just how much your dog’s poop, potty and vomit can tell you about your pup! Often times, your pup can have a bodily function take over and then they move on. However, there are…

Out and About: Help Your Dog Choose Ca..

Greetings Fellow Dog Lovers! This week we revisit an oldie but a goodie! Summertime means more outdoor opportunities for you and your pet. Follow Aly and Mariah as they show you how to prepare yourself for, and move through fight, flight or avoidance. Check out how a good foundation will help your dog choose calm…

Potty Rituals: set a ritual for when &..

Welcome back to Aly’s Acres!! It is very important that you create the times that your dog goes potty. A potty ritual brings consistency to your dog’s life!

Place: A defined space with a clear bo..

Welcome back to Aly’s Acres!! Place, is a respect building exercise. Join with me as I show you a fantastic strategy to help your dog learn to choose calm by using “place”. Watch now!

Pack Walking: Learn how to pack walk w..

his week we are Pack Walking! Come along with us! Come along as I show you how to have calm, confident leadership with relaxed hands while safely staying in motion! Watch now!