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How old does my dog need to be and what breeds to you work with?

I train dogs of all breeds, sizes and all ages.   In dog-trainer land, I have become known as the puppy and all things “Doodle” specialist, and I’m affectionately called the Doodle Whisperer. Puppies can start my boot camps anywhere from 8-weeks of age to one year.  Dogs can start my boot camps at any age.  It’s never too late to establish a great state of mind in your pooch!  My passion for puppies exists because if we get it right here, at this stage in their development, we get it right for a lifetime!  We have one window of opportunity to set the foundation for beneficial and healthy socialization for our pups, and that window is when they are between 8-16 weeks old.   This time is critical because your pup’s learning facilities are fully in place and he is a sponge ready to learn all things good. Or conversely, habits can begin to be entrenched that are less than desirable.  At Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, your pup will learn to play and work as we encourage your dog’s desire and ability to work for you. Older dogs are welcome as well in my boot camp programs and benefit immensely from the beneficial socialization that happens in my program. Beneficial Socialization is essential to your dog’s mental well-being.  Dogs need to learn how to interact with other dogs in a safe, sane and civilized way. We always expand the skill sets taught, as your dog is ready. Older dogs can add, in addition to all the boot camp basics, impulse control, off-lead work, basic agility, down/stay, and recall as the dog is ready.

Are there any additional costs?

In addition to your training program costs there will be a few additional charges: grooming (55-75), Vet visits (receipts provided), training tools that you take home with you (40-170), days beyond your program (100 per day/Holidays add 10). 

What if my puppy can’t start training at 8-weeks-old?

What I do for people like you that are unable to get their pups to me, either because I'm already booked or their pup must wait until they are 16 weeks old, I do give you FREE access to my ONLINE education, comprehensive course, the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy to help you get started out on the right paw.  It takes you through Potty training, our SCHEDULE for SUCCESS, 10 Rules to Live By, Crate Training and more....everything a new puppy owner needs to know.  My ACADEMY retails at 497.00 and its an amazing video based course, and once your deposit is paid and booking reserved, I give you access.   You will be PUPPY PREPARED and get our list of supplies too....we take you from A to Z!  Then, once your pup arrives at 16 weeks old, your pup will already be ahead of the game and able to take on so much more because of the groundwork you've put in with the ACADEMY.  Plus, you have access to Luke & I LIVE every week in our private group to answer questions and give demonstrations of issues you are asking about.

What do I need to provide for my pooch for his training program?

1) Keep your crate, favorite, treasured toys with you…they might not make it through all the boot camp fun.

2) For puppies, I feed Nutrisource brand Puppy Food. For adult dogs, I feed Nutrisource Adult dog food and  Volhard’s Natural Diet Foundation 2. If you want some other kind of food, please provide enough for the duration of your pup’s stay.

3) For older dogs: Be sure to bring with you copies of all current vaccinations or Titer tests. We must have evidence of these vaccinations or current titer results in our file at the time of arrival. Also, for dogs one year old and under, your final parvo/distemper shot MUST HAVE BEEN GIVEN when your pup was 16-18 weeks old, as per guidelines by the American Veterinary Association of America.

4) Please provide any medications or supplements that your pooch may need.

What do I need to buy for my puppy?

I will give you a complete list of items that I recommend and use daily.  You can even visit my DOG STORE to purchase any item you desire.

Does my puppy get its required shots and meet breeder’s wellness visit requirements?

All puppies under 16-weeks that come into my program go to my vet for a wellness visit, and a continuation of their shot series. Receipts will be provided.

Can you help me select my puppy or dog?

In my Puppy and Dog Picker Consultation I help owners consider traits of a future puppy that should be included in the decision-making process beyond an adorable face. It is my goal to give you the tools you need to help you evaluate your future family member and determine which pooch is best for you in terms of temperament, mind-set, and energy. You decide where you want to get your dog from; then we begin the puppy or dog evaluation and picking process. It is worth the effort to help you find the puppy or dog that’s just the right fit with you and your family’s energy levels and personality. Additionally, my evaluations can be done via Zoom or Facetime if you are unable to be there in person on your assigned Puppy-Pick day! I also assess litters for breeders.  (Travel charges apply.)

What is your training philosophy?
My training philosophy is that we train our dogs as we are living our daily lives. My Pillars of Pack Leadership® methods break down these concepts into very manageable blocks of information and strategies that real people can implement into their real lives.
Can I come visit?

To keep you connected, we have daily video/pictures on Facebook & Instagram and you receive DAILY FOUNDATION homework emails while your pup is in training.  You are very much a part of the daily life of your pup while he is part of our extended family. You are learning right along with your pup. Additionally, on our in person ‘Graduation Day’, you are required, as part of my contract, to come spend an afternoon with Luke and I, and your pup before you leave. You will work with Luke and I and our pack and your pup and we will create your entire daily routine in your "Schedule for Success" and transition protocols that we send you home with in your GO HOME folder! We will take as much time as is needed for you to flex your Pillars of Pack Leadership® skills. We can also video you working your pup here with me going through our paces so you have a wonderful reference for yourself. It is not necessary for you to visit during your training program.  You are very connected to your pup with all your homework in visual and reading form.

Will my pup still bond with me?

Pups instantly bond to whomever they perceive as their leader.  When pack leadership is effective and appropriate structure is in place, dogs adjust VERY QUICKLY to the environment they are in and they feel very comfortable.  Luke and I will create your transition strategy with you, so you will be prepared for life with your pup, in your home.  As you’ll see from my videos at , we immediately immerse dogs into our life.   Within a very short period of time, these pups are looking at us adoringly, with tails wagging. You will find the same thing happen for you as well!  Most importantly, we have one window of opportunity to appropriately and correctly socialize your dog with other dogs, and that is when they are 8-16 weeks old.   That’s where Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp® comes in; to appropriately train and beneficially socialize your pup in the safest way possible.   To read more about the importance of proper socialization read this article.

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