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How old does my dog need to be and what breeds to you work with?

I specialize in training dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. In the world of dog training, I've become known as a specialist in puppies and all things related to "Doodles," earning the affectionate title of the Doodle Whisperer. Puppies are welcome to start my boot camps from as young as 8 weeks up to one year old, while older dogs can join at any age. It's never too late to instill a positive mindset in your dog! My passion for training puppies stems from the belief that getting it right during this crucial developmental stage sets the foundation for a lifetime of good behavior. The optimal window for effective and healthy socialization is when they are between 8-16 weeks old. This period is pivotal as puppies are incredibly receptive, ready to absorb positive behaviors, and conversely, can start developing less desirable habits.

At Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, we focus on encouraging your pup to both play and work, nurturing their willingness and ability to respond to you. Older dogs also find immense value in my boot camp programs, gaining from the beneficial socialization that is a cornerstone of our approach. This kind of socialization is vital for a dog's mental health, teaching them how to interact with other dogs in a manner that is safe, sane, and civilized.

As for older dogs in our boot camps, we tailor the training to expand their skill sets as they are ready. In addition to the basic boot camp training, we can introduce impulse control, off-lead work, basic agility, down/stay, and recall training, all depending on the dog's readiness and progress.

Are there any additional costs?

In addition to your training program costs there will be a few additional charges: grooming (55-75), Vet visits (receipts provided), training tools that you take home with you (40-170), days beyond your program (135.00 per day/Holidays add 25.00). 

What if my puppy can’t start training at 8-weeks-old?

For those who are unable to bring their puppies to me immediately, either due to my schedule being fully booked or because their pup needs to wait until they are 16 weeks old, I offer FREE access to my comprehensive online course, the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy. This invaluable resource is designed to help you start off on the right paw. It covers everything a new puppy owner needs to know, including potty training, our Schedule for Success, 10 Rules to Live By, crate training, and more.

My Academy, normally retailing at $497.00, is an extensive video-based course. Once your deposit is paid and your booking is reserved, you will be granted access. This will ensure you are fully prepared with our recommended list of supplies, guiding you from A to Z in puppy preparation. Then, when your pup arrives at 16 weeks old, they will already have a solid foundation thanks to the groundwork you've put in with the Academy.

Additionally, as part of our ongoing support, you'll have access to Aly and her expert training team LIVE every week in our private group. This allows you to ask questions and receive live demonstrations on issues you're encountering, ensuring you and your pup have all the support you need for a successful training journey.

What do I need to provide for my beloved for his training program?

1) Keep your crate, favorite, treasured toys with you…they might not make it through all the boot camp fun.

2) For puppies, I rotate Nutrisource brand Puppy Food or American Journey. For adult dogs, I rotate Nutrisource Adult dog food or American Journey and for raw diets, we use  Volhard’s Natural Diet Foundation 2 or Honest Kitchen. If you want some other kind of food, please provide enough for the duration of your pup’s stay.

3) For older dogs: Be sure to bring with you copies of all current vaccinations or Titer tests. We must have evidence of these vaccinations or current titer results in our file at the time of arrival. Also, for dogs one year old and under, your final parvo/distemper shot MUST HAVE BEEN GIVEN when your pup was 16-18 weeks old, as per guidelines by the American Veterinary Association of America.

4) Please provide any medications or supplements that your beloved may need.

What do I need to buy for my puppy?

I will give you a complete list of items that I recommend and use daily.  You can even visit my DOG STORE to purchase any item you desire.

Does my puppy get its required shots and meet breeder’s wellness visit requirements?

All puppies under 16-weeks that come into my program go to my vet for a wellness visit, and a continuation of their shot series. Receipts will be provided.

Can you help me select my puppy or dog?

In my Puppy and Dog Picker Consultation I focus on helping owners look beyond just the cuteness factor when selecting their future puppy. My goal is to arm you with the necessary insights to assess your prospective pet, with a keen eye on temperament, mindset, and energy levels. You choose where your dog comes from, and then we engage in a detailed evaluation and selection process. This service is exclusively available for puppies and dogs that will be participating in my training boot camps, ensuring a compatible match with your family's lifestyle and personalities.

If you're unable to join in person on your scheduled Puppy-Pick day, don't worry – I also conduct evaluations through Zoom or Facetime. Additionally, I offer litter assessments for breeders. Please note that for any in-person visits, travel charges will be applied at a rate of $1.25 per mile.

What is your training philosophy?

My training philosophy is that we train our dogs as we are living our daily lives. My Pillars of Pack Leadership® methods break down these concepts into very manageable blocks of information and strategies that real people can implement into their real lives.

Can I come visit?

To ensure you stay engaged and connected, we provide daily updates through Facebook & Instagram Stories, featuring videos and pictures of your pup's training journey. Alongside these visual updates, you'll receive daily emails with foundational homework assignments. This way, you're actively involved in your dog's training process, even from a distance, becoming an integral part of their learning experience.

Moreover, your involvement culminates on our 'Graduation Day.' Attendance is a key part of our agreement - you'll spend an afternoon with me, my training team, and your dog. During this session, we'll work together with our pack to develop a tailored 'Schedule for Success' for your dog, complete with detailed transition protocols. These will be included in your comprehensive 'GO HOME' folder.

This session is an excellent opportunity for you to practice your 'Pillars of Pack Leadership®' skills under our guidance. We can even record you working with your dog alongside us, providing a valuable visual reference for you to use at home. However, it's not necessary for you to visit during the training program; you'll remain closely connected to your pup's progress through the homework we provide in both visual and written formats.

Will my pup still bond with me?

Pups instantly bond to whomever they perceive as their leader.  When pack leadership is effective and appropriate structure is in place, dogs adjust VERY QUICKLY to the environment they are in and they feel very comfortable.  My training team and I will create your transition strategy with you, so you will be prepared for life with your pup, in your home.  As you’ll see from my videos at , we immediately immerse dogs into our life.   Within a very short period of time, these pups are looking at us adoringly, with tails wagging. You will find the same thing happen for you as well!  Most importantly, we have one window of opportunity to appropriately and correctly socialize your dog with other dogs, and that is when they are 8-16 weeks old.   That’s where Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp® comes in; to appropriately train and beneficially socialize your pup in the safest way possible.   To read more about the importance of proper socialization read this article.

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