Join the Academy Workshop

Let Alyson Rodges of Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp personally walk you though her online version of her in-person dog training.

In just two weeks you will have the knowledge to dramatically change your relationship with your dog and start living life with them in a safe, sane and civilized way.

The Academy Workshop includes…

The Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy – The online course with 35+ videos covering the entire APBC training philosophy.

APBC stand alone Meet and Greet Guidance video – this is an enlightening training video of how you and your dog should be interacting with the world (and them with you) when you are out and about.

30 days in the Insider Club. Which includes two new training videos every month and the APBC team answers all your training questions. You get immediate access to the library of past training videos.

2 weeks in a private Facebook group where you will be personally guided by Aly through her Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy. She will break it all down and answer any questions you have as you move through the material together.

AND the first 5 people to join will get a FREE one-on-one consultation with Aly!

There are always bonus offers and content appropriate to the workshop topic that we love to throw in too!

AND two weeks of Aly personally guiding you through her Academy!

Sign up early for a bonus consultation with Aly!

When you sign up for Aly’s Academy Workshop you will receive instant access to her Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy online course, 30 days of free access in her Insider Club, and her bonus Meet and Greet Guidance training video. Then you will start a two week guided Workshop on Facebook. This group will guide you through the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy online course. Aly will be checking in every day on posts and will have several scheduled video lives. AND if that wasn’t already enough…

the first 5 people to join will receive a FREE one-on-one Facetime consultation with Aly!!!

In just two weeks, change your relationship with your dog!

That’s right, in just two weeks you can dramatically change your relationship with your dog and learn how to raise your puppy into the dog of your dreams. Work directly with Aly as she guides you through her Pillars of Pack Leadership.

Upcoming Workshops

April/May 2024 - Anxious and Nervous Dogs

Join the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy Workshop – Anxious Dog Edition! In just two weeks, you can learn the skills to take your nervous and anxious dog to calm and confident!

Past Workshops

January 2024 - Puppy Edition

Join the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy Workshop – Puppy Edition! In just two weeks you will have the knowledge to dramatically change your relationship with your Puppy and start living life with them in a safe, sane and civilized way

September 2022 - Kid and Dog Safety Edition

In this workshop we talk about Kid and Dog Safety. Aly will guide you through her entire training philosophy and help you learn how to create a safe relationship between kids and dogs.

January 2023 - PUPPY EDITION

Just in time to start the NEW YEAR off right with your puppy! In this Workshop we tackle all things puppy! Play biting, jumping, potty training, leash walking…all the information you need to start your puppy OR your immature dog off on the right paw.

“Our family is really enjoying the videos from the online Academy. The videos are well done and very helpful. We love your approach to training and your sweet way of teaching. We are watching and rewatching, pushing the pause button and discussing the info given. Our daughter seems to be understanding the information as well and she’s enjoying the process.”

David, Christi and Miracle
Pillars of Pack Leadership Students


What is the time commitment?

The Workshops run for 2 weeks. I think you should prepare to spend 15-30 minutes per day on the videos and Workshop group, or more if you are having fun! As for training time…any time you are interacting with your dog is training time. This workshop is worth it, just like great children, good dogs don’t happen by accident. I promise by walking this road with me you will have the furry companion of your dreams.

My puppy is so young...this seems like overkill, is this information really valuable at this age?
yes, Yes, YES! This is the IDEAL time to learn all of this information. It is really common for people to train their dogs in a backwards fashion. They encounter a behavioral problem and try and solve it. All of this amazing information will help you PREVENT behavioral issues before they even start. You will understand your dog and why they do the things they do. This is not going to be a large group and will be on topic with where you are at with your puppy right now.
What topics will you be covering?
Everything…but the things I think you are going to be the most interested in: potty problems, jumping up, play biting. Those are all the top issues for puppies under a year old.
Will you be answering my questions directly?
YES! While I run several Facebook groups this will be my most intimate group where I log in every day for 14 days and answer your questions, post helpful supplemental videos, and interesting articles. I will even be popping up live multiple times. I really want to be there and guide you through my Academy.
What is the price and do you have a guarantee?
The cost of the Academy Workshop is $249, this is just a fraction of the cost of my in-person training AND we have a 100% money back guarantee. I have never had to issue a refund! The total value of this Workshop offer is over $600+ AND if you snag a consultation with me it has even more value.

Now I have a question for you, what’s stopping you?

Get started right now! I am going to teach you everything that my
in-person clients learn…and we are going to have a great time doing it!

Aly’s Academy Workshop

Get access to Aly’s Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy, her Meet and Greet Guidance Video, 30 days free inside the Insider Club AND a two week ‘Academy Workshop’. The Academy Workshop is a private interactive Facebook group led by Aly! She will walk you through common puppy behaviors you might be experiencing (jumping, biting) but she also will guide you through the entire Academy. You will be able to start life with your new puppy in Aly’s signature safe, sane and civilized way!

$249.00 USD

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