Boot Camp Bonanza

Embark on our all-encompassing training journey, where we tackle everything from smooth leash walking and reliable potty training to comfortable car rides and positive social interactions. With daily instructional emails and enlightening videos, you’ll be equipped to grow alongside your dog. Stay connected and engaged with your pet’s progress through our shared content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Stories, and our dedicated Facebook group. Join us and foster a stronger, well-rounded bond with your cherised companion.

Bootcamps culminate in an amazing “GRADUATION” where you will come to the Acres and spend a few hours with me, my elite training team, my pack and your dog! We will dive deep into what your life will look like together, and before  you go, you receive our “Schedule for Success” and transition protocols- a thorough outline and detailed roadmap for a harmonious day-to-day life with your dog from dawn to dusk!

Alumni Access: Dive Deeper into Dog Training Mastery

As a Bootcamp Graduate, you’ll gain exclusive entry to our private Facebook group. Here, you can tap into continuous support, watch LIVE demos, and access specialized training videos. It’s your go-to hub for all your questions and further learning!

Plans & Packages

TRAINING: Manners/Socialization/OFF LEASH ‘Come When Called’ (Platinum Package): $4200.00

This 2 week “PLATINUM PACKAGE” experience is for dogs 20 weeks of age and older.

You might be curious about the difference in duration between our Platinum ‘COME WHEN CALLED’ package, lasting only two weeks, and our three-week Diamond package. The key lies in the transformation that occurs once a dog comprehends off-leash freedom; it fundamentally alters their approach to learning. Essentially, your dog realizes the deal is: “I’m free to explore, sniff around, behave like a typical dog, and enjoy myself, but I also need to check back with you when called? Absolutely, count me in!”

Our ForceFree Method™ resonates with both dogs and their owners. It’s a kind and effective training approach, utilizing an electronic collar emitting vibrations similar to a cellphone, that aligns with a dog’s natural instincts instead of opposing them. The reason we can boast of such rapid, impressive results is that off-leash training is extremely rewarding for dogs. It significantly shifts their attitude, allowing us to rectify various behavioral issues swiftly. The technique ensures reliable off-leash responsiveness, even amidst distractions, achieved remarkably quickly. For most dogs, this training is akin to engaging in “pack cooperation” and playful learning, encouraging them to abandon defiance and offer undivided attention.

Employing the tried-and-true techniques from my Pillars of Pack Leadership® alongside the ForceFree Method™, you’ll possess the comprehensive toolkit necessary to positively guide your dog’s behavior, even when they’re off-leash or at a distance.

Platinum Dog Off Leash training program(4200.00) We focus on establishing and refining:

  • Crate Training and House Training (as required)
  • Basic Obedience Cues – Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Paws Up and Place
  • Daily Socialization and Interaction with Dogs and People
  • Group Walks
  • Exposure to new places, sights, and sounds.
  • Confidence Building & Enhancement
  • Techniques for Loose Leash Walking 
  • Training Work with varied Distances & Durations
  • Managing distractions
  • Training for household Manners
  • Grooming Behavior Guidance
  • Conduct for Car Rides
  • Off leash Reliability
  • Long Distance Recall
  • Working with Longer Distance and Durations
  • Working around higher level distractions

In all our training packages, owners receive daily homework emails and video education, ensuring a well-rounded training process. Your dog’s achievements are celebrated with a graduation at our facility, with an option for an in-home ceremony at additional costs.

You’ll receive a ‘GO HOME’ folder, featuring a structured “Schedule for Success” and transition guidelines. Additionally, our private Facebook group is available for continued support and learning.

As an APBC alumnus, your relationship with us continues well beyond your initial training program. You’ll have the opportunity for future boarding at discounted daily rates, ensuring your dog stays in a familiar and nurturing environment. Additionally, should you wish to expand your dog’s training or refresh some aspects, you have access to our future training programs at special, reduced rates exclusive to our APBC alumni. This holistic approach ensures that both you and your dog are set for a journey of continuous growth and support.


Calm puppy outside
Puppy on place

PUPPY TRAINING: Manners/Socialization (Diamond Package): $3950.00

This program is for pups 8 weeks old coming directly from an approved breeder.

The “Diamond Puppy” 3-week training journey incorporates the play, socialization, potty, and crate training found in our Silver & Gold packages. Additionally, it introduces the training fundamentals of leash behavior and basic commands such as: Let’s Go, Sit, Come on Leash, No, Quiet, Stand, Paws Up, Down, Off, along with Handling, Grooming Manners, and Car Riding Manners. Our young trainees are integrated into our household setting, surrounded by dogs, cats, chickens, goats, horses, and people of diverse ages and sizes. This foundation paves the way for your pup to eventually undertake the AKC Canine Good Citizens test.

Your dog learns that a calm state of mind is GREAT!  Pups learn doggie etiquette through low-risk play. Think about it: not all our human friends have been positive influences, and it’s no different for your dog. Simply being around other dogs or people doesn’t automatically make it a valuable experience. The effort, commitment, and resources you invest now will enrich your dog’s life for years to come. With a bit of luck, like mine, that could be 16 years or even longer!

In our Diamond Puppy training program (3950.00)  we lay the foundations for, and work on: 

  • Initiation of Crate Training and HouseBreaking 
  • Introduction to Basic Obedience Cues – Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Paws Up and Place
  • Daily Socialization with Dogs and People
  • Pack Walks
  • Exposure to New Places, Sights and Sounds
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Loose Leash Walking Techniques
  • Training with Distance & Duration
  • Training around distractions
  • House Manners instruction
  • Grooming Manners
  • Car Riding Manners

Across all our training offerings, owners are equipped with daily homework emails and instructional videos, fortifying a comprehensive training journey. The graduation ceremony at our center marks the culmination of your training experience, where you’ll put into practice everything you’ve learned from the materials and videos. It’s a moment to celebrate your dog’s progress. 

At your graduation, you will be given a ‘GO HOME’ folder that includes a systematic “Schedule for Success” and steps, strategies and protocols for smooth transitioning tailored specifically for you. Moreover, our exclusive Facebook group is at your disposal for ongoing guidance and camaraderie.

As a valued APBC graduate, our bond with you extends far beyond the primary training phase. Benefit from privileged boarding rates, letting your pet reside in a known, caring space. Plus, whenever you feel the need to advance or revisit your dog’s training, we offer specially discounted programs tailored for our cherished APBC alumni. This all-encompassing approach ensures a path of enduring enrichment and backing for both you and your canine companion.

DOG TRAINING: Manners/Socialization (Diamond Dog Package): $3950.00

This program is for pups 16 weeks or older and dogs of ages.

Our training programs are designed to equip your dog with the foundational skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizens test. We emphasize the importance of a calm demeanor, ensuring your dog understands its value. They’re introduced to proper doggie behavior through controlled play and exposure to a variety of environments, people, and animals—including goats, chickens, horses, and cats.

Consistent and positive socialization is a daily commitment here. Remember, not all interactions in our lives have been positive, and the same goes for our dogs. Merely being around other dogs or people doesn’t guarantee a wholesome experience. For dogs that have faced challenges or trauma, nurturing interactions with others dogs are instrumental in their healing. The dedication, effort, and resources you invest today will benefit your dog throughout its life, potentially enriching a journey of 16 years or more, if you’re as fortunate as I’ve been.

Diamond Dog training program($3950.00)  We focus on establishing and refining:

  • Crate Training and Housebreaking (as required)
  • Introduction to Basic Obedience Cues on Leash: Sit, Down, Stay, Come (using long lines), Paws Up, Place
  • Daily Socialization and Interaction with Dogs and People
  • Group Walks
  • Exposure to new places, sights, and sounds.
  • Confidence Enhancement
  • Techniques for Walking on a Loose Leash
  • Training for Varied Distances & Durations
  • Managing Distractions
  • Training for Household Etiquette
  • Grooming Behavior Guidance
  • Conduct for Car Rides

In every training package we offer, owners are consistently equipped with daily homework emails and instructional videos, making for a comprehensive training experience. Your training culminates with a graduation at our center, and, if preferred, an in-home ceremony can be arranged for an additional fee. At your graduation, you’ll be presented with a ‘GO HOME’ folder tailored specifically for you, which outlines a clear “Schedule for Success” and offers guidance and protocols for a smooth transition. For ongoing support, mentorship and community, our exclusive Facebook group is always accessible.

As an APBC alumnus, our dedication to you and your dog goes well beyond the initial training. Benefit from discounted boarding rates, providing a warm and caring environment for your dog. Whether you’re looking to advance your dog’s skills or refresh particular lessons, special rates on our future training sessions are available exclusively for APBC alumni. Our holistic approach ensures ongoing growth and a deep bond between you, your dog, and our community.


Calm puppy outside
Puppy on place

The DAY TRAIN Boot Camp (Gold Package): $1500.00

Five Consecutive Days of Tailored Training for Your Beloved Dog – While You Work, They Learn!

Welcome to Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp’s Day Train Boot Camp, an ideal program for pet parents seeking expert training for their dogs with minor issues or in need of a tune-up, all without the stress of overnight separation. As you go about your daily schedule and commitments, your dog will be on a rewarding journey of learning and growth, under the careful guidance of Aly and her skilled team. This five-day camp, running from 8 am to 5 pm, concentrates on five crucial areas of dog training. It offers a balanced training approach, perfectly suited for invested parents willing to put in the work. This program not only addresses your dog’s needs but also enhances your proficiency as an owner.

The Day Train Camp stands apart with its emphasis on owner involvement, facilitated through evening homework assignments delivered via short videos, and enhanced by our exclusive ‘Schedule for Success’ and ’10 Rules to Live By’, creating a holistic and impactful training experience.  Our training is designed to give you a deep understanding of your dog’s progress throughout the week, along with practical techniques to extend the training into your home environment. What’s Included?

  1. Leash Training: Begin the journey towards enjoyable walks by introducing your dog to the fundamentals of leash etiquette.
  2. Socialization Skills: We nurture well-rounded social skills with pack walks and beneficial socialization which enables your dog to interact more confidently and politely with other dogs and people.
  3. Confidence Building: Our activities are designed to foster self-assurance, helping your dog feel secure in diverse environments.
  4. Meet and Greets: Essential for social adeptness, these sessions teach your dog to engage respectfully with other dogs and humans.
  5. Place Command Proficiency: Equip your dog with the important ability to stay calmly in a designated area, a crucial skill for a peaceful and orderly home environment.

Please be aware that dogs displaying aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans are not eligible for this program. To ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, a required preliminary assessment, costing $35.00, must be completed prior to acceptance into the Day Train Camp. Specially selected training tools tailored for you and your dog are included.

Spaces are Limited!

EXTENDED STAY Social Skills and Etiquette Program: $4200.00

Our 2-week program is crafted for pups over 16 weeks and dogs of all ages, seamlessly combining enjoyment with structured learning. The program centers on positive socialization, playful interaction, and teaching group manners. Activities include plenty of pack walks and beneficial social experiences. Rest periods are thoughtfully interwoven throughout the day to ensure your dog’s well-being. Additionally, the program integrates essential potty and crate training. Please note that this program is not designed to accommodate dogs displaying aggressive behavior towards humans or other dogs, and does not address severe behavioral issues.

Puppy on place

Aly’s Insider Training: PRICE ON REQUEST

Experience the magic at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp! Dive deep into the Pillars of Pack Leadership® lifestyle. Whether you’re a canine enthusiast, aspiring trainer, groomer, dog walker, or a seasoned trainer looking to elevate your skills, this is an unmatched educational experience for anyone that loves dogs. Stay with us at Aly’s Acres and embark on an unforgettable learning journey. Book with Aly & The APBC Team and kickstart your on-site adventure

Pillars of Pack Leadership® 4 session Course: $800.00

Embark on an enlightening four-session, hour-long journey into the essence of dog training. Harness the power of the revered Pillars of Pack Leadership® and ascend as the beacon every dog gravitates towards. Launch your leadership legacy now! Learn the art of seamless leash walking, mastering the PLACE command, halting disruptive behaviors, and weaving a structured bond with your canine companion.

Puppy on place

6-Week AKC Canine Champions Bootcamp $1200.00

Dive into 6 dynamic one-hour sessions with the APBC team and your canine companion. Together, we’ll master the Pillars of Pack Leadership® and pave the way for your AKC Canine Good Citizens Test – cost included! Gear up for a transformative journey, preparing both you and your dog for life’s grand adventures.”

Puppy or Dog Picker Consultation: $200.00 (mileage 1.25/mile)

If you’re bringing your puppy for training with me, I can guide you in selecting the perfect pup from reputable breeders. Beyond the cute factor, I assist owners in weighing essential characteristics of a potential puppy. I aim to equip you with the insights you need to assess and choose a puppy that aligns best with your lifestyle in terms of temperament, mindset, and energy.

Puppy on place

Purpose-Driven Pack Walks: $25.00 per walk.

Drawing inspiration from my mentor, Marc Goldberg, who aptly states, “A good pack walk with me fixes just about everything, except when it doesn’t, but it usually does!” I believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of our pack walks. These walks not only strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners but also address a myriad of behavioral issues, providing an enriching experience for both.

Daycare OR Alumni Day Train Packages

PLAY & LEARN THE APBC WAY! Graduates of any of Aly’s packages are eligible for day packages. Our days are filled with pack walks, individual training, socialization and rest scattered throughout the day!  (No dog or human aggressive dogs can be admitted)

Daycare Daily Special: Swing by from 8am-5pm at just $50/day or snag our 20-day deal for only $42.50/day. Let’s customize for your needs!

Day Train: 135.00 per day from 8 am – 5pm. After an assessment or post-graduation from our training programs, your dog qualifies for our DAY TRAIN packages. We hone in on leash training, boost social skills, and build confidence. Ideal for those light touch-ups and minor issues


Puppy on place

Pillars of Pack Leadership® One Day Workshop: Price Upon Request

Aly’s HANDS-ON Workshop will help you successfully express calm, confident leadership with your pack. You will learn and practice strategies that will help you successfully implement the Pillars of Pack Leadership® into your daily life

Tune-Ups and Extended Stays: CLICK THE BOOK NOW button below

After completing any of our training programs, you can always bring your pup back for visits whenever you’re away, be it for a vacation or work commitment. We love seeing our alumni!!



How old does my dog need to be and what breeds to you work with?

I specialize in training dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. In the world of dog training, I've become known as a specialist in puppies and all things related to "Doodles," earning the affectionate title of the Doodle Whisperer. Puppies are welcome to start my boot camps from as young as 8 weeks up to one year old, while older dogs can join at any age. It's never too late to instill a positive mindset in your dog! My passion for training puppies stems from the belief that getting it right during this crucial developmental stage sets the foundation for a lifetime of good behavior. The optimal window for effective and healthy socialization is when they are between 8-16 weeks old. This period is pivotal as puppies are incredibly receptive, ready to absorb positive behaviors, and conversely, can start developing less desirable habits.

At Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, we focus on encouraging your pup to both play and work, nurturing their willingness and ability to respond to you. Older dogs also find immense value in my boot camp programs, gaining from the beneficial socialization that is a cornerstone of our approach. This kind of socialization is vital for a dog's mental health, teaching them how to interact with other dogs in a manner that is safe, sane, and civilized.

As for older dogs in our boot camps, we tailor the training to expand their skill sets as they are ready. In addition to the basic boot camp training, we can introduce impulse control, off-lead work, basic agility, down/stay, and recall training, all depending on the dog's readiness and progress.

Are there any additional costs?

In addition to your training program costs there will be a few additional charges: grooming (55-75), Vet visits (receipts provided), training tools that you take home with you (40-170), days beyond your program (135.00 per day/Holidays add 25.00). 

What if my puppy can’t start training at 8-weeks-old?

For those who are unable to bring their puppies to me immediately, either due to my schedule being fully booked or because their pup needs to wait until they are 16 weeks old, I offer FREE access to my comprehensive online course, the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy. This invaluable resource is designed to help you start off on the right paw. It covers everything a new puppy owner needs to know, including potty training, our Schedule for Success, 10 Rules to Live By, crate training, and more.

My Academy, normally retailing at $497.00, is an extensive video-based course. Once your deposit is paid and your booking is reserved, you will be granted access. This will ensure you are fully prepared with our recommended list of supplies, guiding you from A to Z in puppy preparation. Then, when your pup arrives at 16 weeks old, they will already have a solid foundation thanks to the groundwork you've put in with the Academy.

Additionally, as part of our ongoing support, you'll have access to Aly and her expert training team LIVE every week in our private group. This allows you to ask questions and receive live demonstrations on issues you're encountering, ensuring you and your pup have all the support you need for a successful training journey.

What do I need to provide for my beloved for his training program?

1) Keep your crate, favorite, treasured toys with you…they might not make it through all the boot camp fun.

2) For puppies, I rotate Nutrisource brand Puppy Food or American Journey. For adult dogs, I rotate Nutrisource Adult dog food or American Journey and for raw diets, we use  Volhard’s Natural Diet Foundation 2 or Honest Kitchen. If you want some other kind of food, please provide enough for the duration of your pup’s stay.

3) For older dogs: Be sure to bring with you copies of all current vaccinations or Titer tests. We must have evidence of these vaccinations or current titer results in our file at the time of arrival. Also, for dogs one year old and under, your final parvo/distemper shot MUST HAVE BEEN GIVEN when your pup was 16-18 weeks old, as per guidelines by the American Veterinary Association of America.

4) Please provide any medications or supplements that your beloved may need.

What do I need to buy for my puppy?

I will give you a complete list of items that I recommend and use daily.  You can even visit my DOG STORE to purchase any item you desire.

Does my puppy get its required shots and meet breeder’s wellness visit requirements?

All puppies under 16-weeks that come into my program go to my vet for a wellness visit, and a continuation of their shot series. Receipts will be provided.

Can you help me select my puppy or dog?

In my Puppy and Dog Picker Consultation I focus on helping owners look beyond just the cuteness factor when selecting their future puppy. My goal is to arm you with the necessary insights to assess your prospective pet, with a keen eye on temperament, mindset, and energy levels. You choose where your dog comes from, and then we engage in a detailed evaluation and selection process. This service is exclusively available for puppies and dogs that will be participating in my training boot camps, ensuring a compatible match with your family's lifestyle and personalities.

If you're unable to join in person on your scheduled Puppy-Pick day, don't worry – I also conduct evaluations through Zoom or Facetime. Additionally, I offer litter assessments for breeders. Please note that for any in-person visits, travel charges will be applied at a rate of $1.25 per mile.

What is your training philosophy?

My training philosophy is that we train our dogs as we are living our daily lives. My Pillars of Pack Leadership® methods break down these concepts into very manageable blocks of information and strategies that real people can implement into their real lives.

Can I come visit?

To ensure you stay engaged and connected, we provide daily updates through Facebook & Instagram Stories, featuring videos and pictures of your pup's training journey. Alongside these visual updates, you'll receive daily emails with foundational homework assignments. This way, you're actively involved in your dog's training process, even from a distance, becoming an integral part of their learning experience.

Moreover, your involvement culminates on our 'Graduation Day.' Attendance is a key part of our agreement - you'll spend an afternoon with me, my training team, and your dog. During this session, we'll work together with our pack to develop a tailored 'Schedule for Success' for your dog, complete with detailed transition protocols. These will be included in your comprehensive 'GO HOME' folder.

This session is an excellent opportunity for you to practice your 'Pillars of Pack Leadership®' skills under our guidance. We can even record you working with your dog alongside us, providing a valuable visual reference for you to use at home. However, it's not necessary for you to visit during the training program; you'll remain closely connected to your pup's progress through the homework we provide in both visual and written formats.

Will my pup still bond with me?

Pups instantly bond to whomever they perceive as their leader.  When pack leadership is effective and appropriate structure is in place, dogs adjust VERY QUICKLY to the environment they are in and they feel very comfortable.  My training team and I will create your transition strategy with you, so you will be prepared for life with your pup, in your home.  As you’ll see from my videos at , we immediately immerse dogs into our life.   Within a very short period of time, these pups are looking at us adoringly, with tails wagging. You will find the same thing happen for you as well!  Most importantly, we have one window of opportunity to appropriately and correctly socialize your dog with other dogs, and that is when they are 8-16 weeks old.   That’s where Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp® comes in; to appropriately train and beneficially socialize your pup in the safest way possible.   To read more about the importance of proper socialization read this article.

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