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There’s a variety of ways to work with us from my IN PERSON boot camps to my VIRTUAL training programs to 1:1 PRIVATE COACHING. Our training programs are filled with people living life with their dogs and sharing it all in our exclusive online communities where my team and I are present to answer questions, post video responses and provide tons of on-going support. It’s an amazing village of wonderful people that care enough to share their experiences, the struggles and successes.

It’s never too early or too late to lay a healthy foundation for the future of your dogs life. When the right balance of structure, routine, purpose-driven activities and exercise and earned affection are in place, amazing things happen. At Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp we produce a solid beginning in leash manners and basic obedience: Let’s Go, Sit, Come with Leash, No, Quiet, Stand, Paws Up, Down, Off, Grooming Manners, Handling, Car Riding Manners.

Good for you for looking ahead and wanting to establish the foundation that will lead to a safe, sane and civilized life together with your pooch. We train dogs 365 days a year, from all over the country and can’t wait to work with you.

Online Trainings

Aly’s Insider Club

Online Dog Training Membership

Access to the Private Facebook group with LIVE weekly trainings + monthly training videos covering all kind of subjects you are asking about (jumping on people, come when called, door bolting, counter surfing, barking at the fed ex guy, co-habitating with other furry friends) + access to past monthly trainings in the vault.

Get answers to your questions via our private Facebook community.

Calm puppy outside
Calm puppy outside

Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy

The Academy is a comprehensive, video based course, jam packed with 35+ videos, handouts and more about how to live life with your puppy, from puppyhood to maturity in a safe, sane and civilized way.

This is the next best thing to in-person training. You will learn everything there is to know about Aly’s Pillars of Pack Leadership:


  • Establishing Effective Structure
  • Establishing Effective Rituals
  • Purpose Driven Activities
  • Respect of Space
  • The Human Component

Coaching with Aly

Alyson Rodges with trained labradoodles for sale

Concierge Club

Submit your behavior problem and we will make a video custom to your situation to help you nip that bad behavior in the bud.

Alyson Rodges with trained labradoodles for sale

1:1 Coaching With Aly

In our 50-minute session, I will help you come up with a game plan to accomplish your goals by listening to what you’d like to achieve with your pooch. I then give you the steps to help get you there as well as answer any of your questions.

In-Person Trainings

Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp

Your dog gets to come live the fun life as they learn at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp! Your dog will spend 2-3 weeks working hard to learn a calm state of mind along with the all the basic commands. Take a look at our training options.

Calm puppy outside

Have questions about training with Aly?

Book a discovery call with the APBC Team.

Start Living Life with Your Dog. Start the journey with Aly today.

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