A Complete Guide to Buying a Trained Dog

Having a new dog join your family can be one of the most joyful and wonderful experiences a family can have.  Everyone dreams of getting a pup that fits right into their family and is a treasured friend of everyone.

Sometimes, though having a dog join the family is not wonderful. The wrong fit can lead to stress, extra expenses and resentment.

Often the difference between a wonderful experience and an overly stressful one is adopting a dog that has already been professionally trained. In this post, I am going to share about Aly’s Perfect Match Program.

About Dog and Owner Matching

I began matching trained dogs with the perfect human at Aly’s Puppy Bootcamp several years ago. It all started when a I was in conversation with a client about the characteristics she should look for in a dog.

After a few minutes of discussing temperament and energy levels– she blurts out,

“I am looking for a dog just like yours Aly, in fact I want your dog!” 

Well, my pup was not for sale. But it was no accident that she liked my dog.

I knew my dogs parents. I tested his temperament as a pup. I began training him on my Pillars of Pack Leadership early. I also ensured that he had a lot of positive social interaction—all of these factors helped him be the perfect dog for me.

I knew right then that if I could find a perfect dog for me, I could do it for others as well.

I select special dogs, train them and then match them specifically to the perfect human. It is a process of getting to know the people as much as the dog, I call it our Perfect Match Program.


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