Use Place to Build a Calm State of Min..

PLACE, Place, place.” What the heck is it and why should you use it with your pup? I use “Place” daily in my training with EVERY puppy and dog. I use it because it teaches a pup and a human how to be better connected and how to have a calm state of mind. A…

Does the Breed of my Dog Explain His N..

Recently, a friend of mine posted that her Husky escaped her yard and disappeared for days!  She was seriously sleep deprived as she searched for her errant Husky.  Comments on her post ranged from “Well, what can you do?”  to “That’s just the way Husky’s are.”   I think we often use the “Breed Card”…

On the Road to a Calm State of Mind

On this journey of learning how to speak “dog” better, I have had many “Ahh Ha” moments. Part of the joy and excitement of working with animals, I am 100% guaranteed there will be many more yet to come. At a workshop I attended with Heather Beck at K9 Lifeline in Utah, my “Ahh HA” moment was…

I Love Being a Dog Trainer

I Love Being a Dog Trainer  

A day in the life of learning at Aly&#..

Hey Everyone, Here is Bo learning how to go into a down on a full recall.  Bo is happy to be learning new things!! What do you think of Bo’s progress?