COVID Puppies and Their Humans 

Summer is almost here, coming in hot on the heels of a world-wide Pandemic. 

Now, more than ever, STRUCTURE and ROUTINE are essential for you and your pup’s mental and physical well-being. The COVID crazy times can actually lead to crazy pups too!

It’s very easy to over-stimulate and exhaust your pups, especially since the entire family is home all the time with the puppy right now. If you are experiencing nipping puppies, yapping puppies, jumping puppies, reactive puppies, chewing puppies, keeping you up all night puppies, puppies that cry in their crates or when they are away from you or potty accidents…it’s time for a RE-BOOT!!!

Any extreme your pup may be exhibiting right now is probably due to these 3 top reasons:

  1. Sleep deprivation – The crate is their crib. Puppies require TONS of sleep (more than you can imagine) Plan on 13-17 hours in a 24 hour period.
  2. Improper handling – which may include excessive petting and mouth tickling. TOO much is usually the culprit. If your pup looks away, STOP. If your pup tries to move away, STOP.  If your pup starts nibbling or mouthing, STOP.
  3. Tone – Speaking to your puppy with a high-pitched, excited baby voice, followed immediately by touching. Nine times out of ten, if you stop…so will they.

Simply put….your puppy is probably exhausted and over-stimulated. It’s time to add some structure back into your daily routine!

Structure is living life purposefully and intentionally with your puppy. 

We set our pooches up for success by putting them in situations where we are prepared to follow through, guide them, mentor them, build relationships with them, advocate for them and enable them to make good choices.  

It’s important to create purposeful activity times!  Start by keeping a leash on your puppy during wake times.  Add activities like walks, tethering, working place on a raised bed, establish play times, specific eating times and planned rest times scattered throughout a day.  

Adding structure back to your life is a great way to begin the transition toward our new normal that is beginning to emerge from the pandemic! 

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