Dog Training Tips You Are Missing: A Round Up of Our Most Popular Insider Club Posts

Do you know about Aly’s Insider Club?

Aly’s Insider Club is a Private Facebook Group that is exploding with practical tips for training your dog.


As a member of this group you will gain access to:

  • Two new training videos a month
  • Support + Answers from Aly’s Puppy Bootcamp Team
  • Access to Live Q&As
  • Live real-time demonstrations
  • PLUS the first month is free and just $15.99 for each month after that!


Alys Insider Club

November Live with Aly and Luke:  Q&A and Training

Aly and Luke go live within Aly’s Insider Club every Tuesday at 4pm PST. This month they helped dog owners with:

  • Therapy Dog Training — how to teach a dog to accept a hug?
  • How to best deal with distractions on walks
  • What is “place” and how to teach your pup to go there
  • How to work with a long lead
  • What to do if your dog is constantly sniffing on walks
  • What to do if a dog jumps on you

Each week Aly and Luke answer every question and show members in real time exactly what to do.

Join the Insider Club today to gain access and join next weeks’s live!

The most engaging posts this month

 Aly’s Insider Club is an active group of dog owners who want to live life with their dog in a sane and civilized way. 

November was a very active month in the group. Some of the most popular videos were of different foundation strategies within the Pillars of Pack Leadership.

Luke posted a training video on the most important thing you can teach your dog – Just Be.

Aly posted several tips about body language and how human’s body language is key to training.  Many little nuances of body position, hand position, head position really matters when dealing with your dog! Aly always says, “You are really speaking dog when you aren’t speaking at all.”

There was also a very engaged post on Door Manners.

These are just the highlights — there is so much more within the group. 

Join now and get access to the entire archive. 

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