February Round Up – Aly’s Insider Club Facebook Group

Are you in Aly’s Insider Club?

Aly’s Insider Club is a private facebook group filled with live training, support from Aly’s team, live demos and a group of people who love dogs and encourage each other.

You can sign up here, it is only $15.99 a month.

If you are not a member, here are the top things you missed so far in February.

February has been an active month within our Private Facebook Group, if you want to read Aly’s full response to any of these questions, sign up!

Here are some of the most engaging posts and questions from the month.

  •  Carole asked what could be causing her pup Coco to have several poop accidents especially at night — could it be the flavor of kibble or perhaps the small scoop of wet food?
  • There was a LOT of great tips and advice and videos on Respecting Space. There was a very popular video about respecting individual boundaries and another video of Aly teaching her dogs how to respect space at the door with both food and a dog on the other side of the door!
  • Luke did an amazing video on appropriate touch for pups.
  • Jennifer shared one of her favorite tools for beating boredom!
  • Riddhi’s dog just got neutered and has to wear the cone of shame, she needed help to get her dog comfortable with the cone. Aly and several members of the club had helpful and encouraging tips.

If you have questions and want to be a part of our encouraging group, sign up! We would love to have you. 



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