January Round Up- Aly’s Insider Club

Are you in Aly’s Insider Club?

Aly’s Insider Club is a private facebook group filled with live training, support from Aly’s team, live demos and a group of people who love dogs and encourage each other.

You can sign up here, it is only $15.99 a month.

If you are not a member, here are the top things you missed so far in January.

What to do with a barking puppy?

One of the most popular questions in the group this month was about a 10 month old puppy.

It seems that he found his voice and started to bark a lot. The owner also said that he began to lunge at different people and dogs while they were on a recent hike. The mom asked Aly and the whole group what she could do to train her dog to stop these unwanted behaviors.

Aly, jumped into the discussion and responded to the questions quickly. Aly suggested training videos with easy to implement tips for the mom. Another insider member also had some very helpful ideas that she used when her dog had the same behaviors.

How to help a puppy that turns into a Wild Child in the evening

Another really popular question this month was about a 16 week old puppy.

The puppy is doing a great job making good choices and having great behavior during the day, but in the evenings she “turns into a wild child.” Aly responded with commands and ideas to make the evenings more enjoyable for the dog and the entire house. The mom updated the group a few days later saying she implemented some of the tips and is seeing great improvement! YAY!

What is the best way to change dog food?

One dog mom in the Insider Club came to the group looking for advice on dog food. Her dog seemed to be getting bored with the food he had been eating. The mom didn’t know the best way to introduce new food so that the dog wouldn’t have any stomach issues. Aly had a lot of good advice to share and so did several other members of the group.

How to help a dog grieve loss

One member recently had to put one of her two dogs down. The whole family, including the surviving dog is devastated. The mom wanted to know how to help her dog grieve. Aly and several members of the group shared ideas and hope and love to help their family through the tough time.

In January, Aly and Luke posted several dog training videos that sparked interest

Luke showed the group how to get your dog back after they take off like a bullet from place. The video is so helpful to show the proper body language.

Aly also posted a video on dog manners in the car. The worst case scenario is when the dog takes off as soon as the  car door is opened, so Aly shows how to manage the leash and the dog effectively in that situation.

These are just some of the amazing tips and help that is within Aly’s Insider Club on Facebook. If you join you get access to the entire archive of videos, demos and Q&A.

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