Keep your Pooch off Santa’s ‘Naughty’ List…


Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and all the relatives too…Tough on you and Tougher on your Pooch…

If you want your pup to stay off Santa’s Naughty List, then remember, it’s the Season when your pooch needs protection from kids and over-exuberant adults.

  • There are no days off or Holiday’s for dogs!!!   Pups can handle short spurts of focused time and should run in a pattern something like this: rest, play, work, place/rest, play, work… get the idea.
  • Pups, immature or sensitive dogs need protection and REST from kids and over-exuberant adults.  The energy these people bring are exhausting to pooches and they should only handle little spurts of time with them.
  • Your pup will be willing to be around them, probably more than they should.  Your pup just might hit that wired, over-tired, over-the-top, spun-out, sugary-high, kind of behavior.
  • Create ‘quiet/safe’ times away from the kids and over-exuberant adults throughout each day this holiday season.


The work you put in this holiday season, providing structure and down time for your pup, will pay off in the future with a pup that can be much more tolerant of all the crazy energy kids and over-exuberant adults can bring.

Ex Pens are GREAT at giving pups that needed ‘time away from too much HOLIDAY’.   So remember this tip as you have holiday gatherings, parties, and all the other BUSY times in this season.  Too much from too many people will equal a spun-out pup or immature dog and could push your pooch onto Santa’s Naughty List!

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