Unleashing Innovation: THE GOOD WALKER® Transforms the Canine Walking Experience

In an interview conducted by Nick Stader,  Alyson Rodges shared the following:

Q: With thousands of leashes in the market, why did you need to invent & design your own?

A: The old saying, “”Necessity is the mother of invention” sure rang true for me when it came to the subject of leashes!  I’ve had my hot little hands on thousands of leashes through my many years of training dogs and I could not find everything I wanted and needed in one leash!  I found myself altering and changing other leashes on the market, and I thought “if only this leash did this,”  and “if only that leash would adjust like this”  and “I like to have leverage here, not there”… Not one of them had it all. Ultimately,  I decided to create my own.

Q: What is it about your leash that is new or different?

A:  I believe my leash, THE GOOD WALKER® is an unprecedented revolution in the world of dog leashes! This innovative product isn’t just your typical slip leash or a head halter, but a cutting-edge 2-in-1 solution designed with the unique ability to fit a variety of dog sizes and breeds, and be comfortable for our dogs as well as our hands! In addition to being functional and safe I wanted my leash to feel good and be just the right thickness in my hands. And hey, it had to come in a ton of cute colors too! We have to sport some style as we are walking our dogs!!

Q: What exactly does the “2 -in-1” mean for your leash?

A: The GOOD WALKER offers the simplicity and functionality of a traditional slip leash coupled with the power to transform effortlessly into a distinctive head halter. NO clunky metal hooks that snag on fabric or poke the dog, no slipping off when the dog applies pressure to the leash, no safety’s that tangle or trip up the dog, or plastic locks that break and render the leash unusable.  My smooth rings allow the fabric to seamlessly slide without ever getting snagged or poke the dog.  And my safety is attached to the rings and does not impinge on the sliding functionality of the leash.  My safety design ensures that no tangling of the dog’s legs will occur. These game-changing features set my leash apart, giving you, the human, unprecedented control & safety and ease in training and managing your pup. 

Q: How is your leash different from other head halter designs?

A: Here’s where that extra part of the magic lies – unlike the standard Halti and Gentle Leader and many other head halters, THE GOOD WALKER boasts a novel design where the control comes from the top of the head with an effortless ability to fit a variety of dog sizes. This unique leverage spot is its distinctive feature that  ensures a more comfortable, natural, and efficient walking experience for your dog, minimizing pressure on their neck and discouraging pulling in a way that’s safe and humane.

Q: Where is the leash made?

A: My leash is crafted in the USA from durable, high-quality materials that are super soft to your dog’s head and a pleasure to your hands!  Having trained thousands of dogs I’ve gained insight into what really counts when it comes to a safe and practical leash.  My leash, The GOOD WALKER has them all. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • The Safety:  The safety is a necessary function in any quality leash. If a leash doesn’t have a safety (back up) on it, I do not use it.  PERIOD!  My safety is super strong and smooth that does not interrupt any slipping functionality and ease of the leash. It is not optional, you must hook on the safety.  I like that! No shortcuts are allowed when it comes to safety for the dogs in my care. Unlike other safety’s I’ve seen, my safety is made out of the same durable material of the leash and it does not get tangled in the legs of the dog. The safety (commonly  known as the ‘ back up’) hooks to your dog’s flat collar in the event of an emergency and the leash slips off your dog’s head.  
  • The Lock: The lock is what holds the leash in place.  Locks need to be sturdy and durable and easily moveable up and down the leash. My leash lock is made of the durable material of the actual leash, not some plastic piece or leather piece that is easily chewed and ruined.  
  • The Material: rope that is high quality, smooth and soft–and available in a variety of really cool colors!. 
  • The Mechanisms- the design that transforms it to a head halter consists of smooth high quality metal rings that easily slide to adjust to any size dog. No straps cutting into the dogs skin, no metal edges poking, no rough edges, just smooth, durable, sliding mechanisms. 

Q:  What size dog does THE GOOD WALKER fit?  And how will it do on the most strong and energetic dog?

A:  Embrace each walk with confidence, knowing that THE GOOD WALKER is meticulously crafted to endure the boundless energy of our canine companions, no matter their size! Have you ever faced the common challenges of pulling, lunging, or jumping while enjoying a stroll with your pet? With THE GOOD WALKER, these once-troublesome behaviors are significantly mitigated, gently guiding your dog towards a more composed demeanor. What’s more, this remarkable tool is not only a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s an adaptable ally. THE GOOD WALKER thoughtfully accommodates your unique walking and training rhythm, harmonizing freedom and control to cultivate an enriching walking journey for you and your furry companion. Catering to our diverse canine community in our in person and trained dogs for sale community we can promise you, we have used this leash on a variety of dogs!  We offer specific sizes tailored for your pet’s comfort: our small size is perfect for dogs under 20 lbs, while our regular size is designed for dogs over 20 lbs. All our leashes are standard in 5 ft. length which is perfect for walking.  You can also custom order them in longer lengths.  From the petite to the mighty, we welcome all breeds and sizes! In fact, the more robust your four-legged friend, the more profound the impact of THE GOOD WALKER’s benefits!

Q: Any final thoughts about the GOOD WALKER?

A: Experience the future of dog walking with THE GOOD WALKER – two leashes in one, for twice the comfort, twice the control, and twice the fun!  

Join us in reimagining the daily walk: transform it from a task into a treasured activity, filled with opportunities for connection, calm, and joyful discoveries. With THE GOOD WALKER®, every outing becomes a doorway to enhanced understanding and a stronger bond between you and your beloved pet.


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