Living with a Trained Dog: Meet Rosin

A trained dog for our daughter

After a very traumatic event we began the search for a service dog for our daughter. 

After months of searching for a trained dog we were referred to Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp. Aly’s dogs are not full working service dogs but with the training and incredible foundation they receive, becoming a full service dog is a lot easier.  Once we explained our daughter’s needs,  Aly met us and introduced us to a few dogs she felt were a good match for our daughter. She spent lots of time explaining the temperament of the dog and she painted a picture of what we could expect. 

Our dog Rosin is exactly what she told us we were getting. Aly knew this dog very well because she had been working/training this dog for 6 months. Once we chose her (Rosin) Aly continued her training for another 6 weeks to give her skills specific to our daughter’s needs.

Graduation day is an amazing day for the whole family. You spend hours with Aly and get hands-on training for all the things you read and learned  about her in the Pillars of Pack Leadership

Aly ensures you are prepared to take your dog home and continue the training she began. She teaches you how and stresses that you continue this training. Her continued support via Facebook and  email is ongoing.  

She truly wants you and your dog to have a successful relationship and is available to answer questions and provide resources.

We could not be happier getting one of Aly’s trained dog for our daughter.

The dog provides specific tasks as well as the emotional support she needs to continue to heal.

Aly truly has a gift when pairing her dogs and we are forever grateful for the perfect match she made for our daughter Kelly.

Traveling with our trained dog

We recently took our first plane trip with Rosin.  She did so great, you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was her first time flying!

Rosin was very calm all throughout the airport and security. We also got a lot of practice building her confidence around escalators and moving walkways. I always carry her on escalators, but with the walkway we tried just lifting her over the beginning and end so her paws didn’t get caught, and she walked fine! 

Without Rosin, our trip with our daughter wouldn’t have been possible.



If you are interested in a trained dog, reach out to Aly. 

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