Living with a Trained Dog – Real Dog Stories

Hi Aly and Luke,

We wanted to share with you how amazing everything is going so far with Boo!
She is an angel dog! I feel like she was meant to join our family and our world. Yesterday we took her to the farmers market, to a playground to meet a family and dog we trust, and sat nicely under the table while we had a family dinner in the evening. My 6 year old Natatalie loves her “paws up” and thinks she is a little stuffie. My son Benjamin who struggles with confidence in reading, is reading proudly when she sits by him in his bed. She loves walking with us and is using our backyard so nicely. 
We love her so much!
We hope you guys had a wonderful Easter and looking forward to keeping in touch,
PS. Enclosed is our first family photo together in our yard. We love you, Boo!

Hi friends at Aly’s Bootcamp! Yogi is incredible. He’s been a little rebellious lately, but I love it because usually he’s so sensitive and scared to do anything wrong, so I am just very gently reminding him he knows how to make good choices, he is a super quick learner, so he usually self corrects. He had a wonderful morning on the beach!! 

One question… random people love to give unsolicited advice re. dogs, so maybe this is just a silly question, but a few people have said fetch is bad for dogs because they run hard and stop quickly etc. Yogi loves fetch- I balance it with playdates and some more structured activities, but the boy lives for fetch. Is it bad for their legs/joints etc? 
And here are two recent pictures, just because he’s so cute- it is actually absurd how adorable he is, he’s just pure love and joy. He loves everything and everyone and has such a goofy and big personality- I seriously can’t remember life without him- he loves being a good boy. 
Also, I know I’ve told you this already, but thank GOD for door manners!!!!! Omg!! Never thought about door manners before him…. his polite space from doors and sit/stay has been life saving- you really never know what’s on the other side of a door!! Let me know if I’m inadvertently causing his precious little legs any undue strain/harm by playing fetch?! 

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