My Mission

I want to blow the top off the relationships between dogs and their humans and create a movement of 100,000 people by 2020 who can speak “DOG” fluently!   I want to move beyond mere commands and obedience and help people realize that you don’t have to be born Dr. Doolittle to speak to your dog!

I’m here to help you realize that your relationship with your dog CAN BE FUN and BALANCED.   Open your mind, jump on board and join me on my journey to awesomeville.

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What you’re yearning for is freedom.

How do I know this? I talk to people every single day who want the freedom of  having their dog join them in life, free of behavioral issues that preclude them from that choice, to travel the world, living the lifestyle they want and doing what they want, when they want and doing it all with their dog!

I call this living life on your own terms.   I’m all about training our dogs WHILE we are living our every day life. Listen, we all are opening & closing doors, walking somewhere, going up and down stairs, eating, going to bed, etc…now if you are willing to learn how to do all these common things with a bit of purpose and some tried & true strategies  thrown into your toolbox, it really is possible to walk and talk with your animal in every area of your life! And I would like to share my favorite THINGS that you will love too.

And that’s how I live my life. I’m Alyson Rodges(yep that’s me in the pictures) and I like to call myself the average person’s “Dr. Doolittle”.  My official story is here.

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