Success Story: Happy Owner of Our Trained Dogs for Sale

At Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, one of the most rewarding aspects of our work is uniting the ideal pup with their destined human companion! We’d like to share one of our most heartwarming tales: allow us to introduce you to the Hull family and their adorable pup, Sasha.

My husband and I purchased our dog, Sasha, from Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp in 2018. At the time, she was two years old and part of the “Great Dogs” program. From the moment I arrived at APBC, I knew that this place was special. Aly is an exceptional trainer, and the facilities were impressive and immaculately maintained. There are plenty of kennels and grooming areas as well as green space for training and socializing. In my opinion, dog training is more of an art rather than a learned, paint by numbers skill, and Aly has an innate ability when it comes to reading dogs and knowing what they need. She also has the same keen, perception when it comes to humans which is why she is fantastic at matching dogs with their forever humans.

At the time of purchase, Sasha was (and continues to be) such a wonderful dog, and she has maintained all of her foundational skills from the time that I picked her up in 2018 to current day as well as learning some additional skills along the way. Her foundational skills are quite impressive (sit, come, place, crate, walking nicely on a leash, etc.), and they seem to come naturally to her, and she is excited to and wants to follow my directions or lead. This is next-level training. It’s as if she has obtained a bachelor’s or postbaccalaureate degree from APBC. The program that Aly has created to train dogs (called “The Pillars of Pack Leadership”) yields fantastic results! My husband and I have read the book and follow the principles in the book and learned that by understanding our dogs needs and doing what is best for our dogs (putting aside our own needs and emotions) has not only made us better dog trainers, but it has also strengthened our bonds with our dogs.

In addition to all of the above, Aly provides support every step of the way from the time you sign the purchase agreement to the time you pick up your dog and beyond. She offers lifetime support as well as “tune ups” if needed.

Lastly, Aly and her family and the staff at APBC are just good people. You can see the great love that Aly has for her family and her staff as well as for all of her “alumni.” You cannot fake these values and this type of integrity and character, and Aly has it in spades! So, long story short, if you purchase a dog from APBC, it will not be cheap; however, the return that you will get on your investment is priceless. So, if you are looking for a well-trained dog to become part of your family along with lifetime support, I would highly recommend that you purchase your dog from Aly. You will not be disappointed!

Edit Update: I also want to give a shout out to Luke, Aly’s son and another trainer at APBC. Luke’s skills are next-level, and he also has the same innate ability as Aly when it comes to reading and connecting with dogs, and the dogs all adore him! He really is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle.

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