We are your No. 1 spokeshumans! After day one, my pup Bailey waits at the doors for me to walk through first, even without his leash! There wasn’t hysterical barking when they saw Daddy was going to take them for a car ride! Yes, there is still correction, but so much more manageable. The biggest improvement was when a delivery came to my door. They started barking, but I painlessly corralled them into their space in the living room, where they sat quietly while I had the door open and talked to my courier. Amazing! Motto for your website, “if I can train these dogs, any dog is possible!” or, “if I can help these humans, i.e. train these humans, anything is possible!” I’m deliriously happy.

Carolynn and Jay Spere (Santa Maria, CA)

We are singing the praises of Aly Rodges!  When we decided to introduce a puppy into our household, I immediately looked for a Puppy Trainer BEFORE deciding on which puppy.  Through my searching, I stumbled across the Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp videos on YouTube.  After watching one video, I was hooked and wanted this amazing woman to train our puppy. She immediately zeros in on the puppies mindset and instantly connects with them becoming their “Pack Leader.”  She not only trains the puppies, but their humans as well!  Our puppy, Sam, came home after a month of living “On the Acre” with Aly and her family.  He settled right into our home life and has been a JOY from the very first day.  Not a PEEP out of him when crated for his first night at home – no whining, no crying.  He is quiet minded, easy going, loves everyone, knows his commands and is very comfortable in demanding situations.  With “Life on the Acre,” Aly exposes the puppies to every imaginable scenario, so that our puppy not only learned Life Skills, but Coping Skills as well.  NOTHING FAZES our Sam!  After experiencing first hand what Aly accomplished with our puppy, we have the highest admiration and respect for what Aly teaches and wish every puppy could start their training at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp!

Denise and George Lilly (Santa Barbara, CA) 

Dear Aly, your training for Rudy and the rest of the pups is nothing less than amazing. Graduation day, you taught me all the commands and helped me practice them until I had them mastered. (Which took 3 hours!!) You made sure I was confident in taking my little big man, mighty mite Rudy home. He has been a joy to have ever since. He is so well behaved, especially when he needs to go in or out the door. He sits like a little king and waits for the command to come. As a matter of fact he knows so many commands already at such a young age. He has no fears either! He jaunts up and down stairs like he has been doing it forever. He walks on his lead like a champ. He eats his food in a calm, quiet state of mind. My favorite part about spending time with him is cuddling him at night while we both watch TV. He loves football – he is a true Rudy! The training that he got before coming to my home has made such a difference in the kind of puppy that he is and I am so grateful that I first found Loveable Labradoodles and secondly that I found you and your wonderful business and your family that is so supportive of your work. I would recommend your business to anyone that has a new puppy or even a puppy or dog that needs a little help in getting back on track. Aly really knows her stuff and does such an awesome job! Thank you Aly!
Glenn Sumrell (Thousand Oaks, CA)

From the moment I spoke to Aly on the phone, I knew she was a good fit. I am so grateful that Becky, from Loving Labradoodles, referred me to you! In regards to the services you offer, deciding to do the “Puppy Picker Consultation” was a great decision for us. Your professional opinion helped me in my decision making process. I also felt it was very reasonably priced for the service offered. As far as the training goes, the results are amazing. Our dog Hugo has been with us for only one week and he slept through the night only after a few nights here. He is obeying all his commands; “sit” , “sit/wait” command at doors, “leave it” and “off” really well. Plus, due to Aly’s socialization process, he will go anywhere and is very people and dog friendly. So, whatever system she is using, it works! I also love that she does the daily journal and videos, as I felt I was training along-side with her. It was so hard not to take him home at first and the journal and video provided daily really helped our family feel connected to the puppy. On a personal note, Aly and her family provide a loving, nurturing. environment for all animals and I am so glad our family used Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp. Our dogs Hugo and Morgan now have a new Aunty!

Julie Paige (Santa Maria, CA)


Dear Aly,

As Mia lays here next to me on the couch I will tell you how extremely happy we are with our little girl. She is the sweetest, most loving, eager to please, adorable puppy. We could never have imagined having a better puppy than Mia.  And, I’m sure that her good behavior has all to do with the training that she had with you. I don’t want to jinks it, but so far, she does not chew, dig, or bark. She walks on-lead nicely and my friends can’t believe that she knows so many commands at such an early age.

We are so glad that we had her trained before getting her. It makes a world of difference. Thank you for making her our perfect pet. And by the way, she plays very well with our black lab and has transitioned to our family very easily thanks to you. She is so comfortable in every situation thanks to you exposing her to so many different circumstances in daily life.
We are truly blessed to have her and can’t thank you enough for the amazing training that you have done with her.

We would recommend your business to everyone and would highly recommend a puppy to go through the training before going home to a family. It sets the base for a happy and healthy environment for everyone!

Aleks, Ian, Dani, and Milan Parker (Hillsborough, CA)

We are so grateful for Aly’s work with our pup Bailey! Her behavior has improved so much since we first brought her to Aly’s Puppy Bootcamp. Twenty one days made a world of difference. We still have to work every day on better training habits and she is doing it. The best thing is that she isn’t running out the front door anymore! She will sit and wait until she is released. We can’t thank Aly enough for spending the time training us humans, too. Now we know what we are supposed to do. Thank you for all your hard work, we really appreciate it!

Sheila & Mark Goodman (Santa Maria, CA)


Aly Rodges is truly the “Dog Whisper!”  Our eight-week goldendoodle puppy, Brady, went to the acre to spend a few weeks of “Boot Camp” with Aly.  When making the decision to send Brady to Aly, we could just tell it was going to be the right fit for both our puppy and us.  Aly has a gift; a special and wonderful way with dogs that has greatly benefitted Brady and our family.

Every day of Boot Camp, we received a detailed and thorough Journal about Brady, full of advice, recommendations and wisdom. In addition, we watched videos of our little pup so that we could see him in action.  The Journal, coupled with the videos, helped us to connect with Brady AND train us, his humans! 

We have been home for only a few days now and have a puppy who is responding to his commands: “sit,” “sit/wait,” “let’s go,” “kennel,” “place,” and “off.”  He is being respectful, going to his place when asked, walking well on his lead and sleeping through the night (without a peep!!) in his crate. He has gone for his first vet appointment here where there were other dogs and cats – not one whimper or bark from our Brady.  All of this is absolutely incredible and remarkable!

Aly has supported and encouraged Brady and us every step of the way.  She laid a rock-solid foundation for Brady to build upon and has empowered us to be the best possible Pack Leaders we can be!  We are deeply grateful to Aly for all she has done for Brady and us.  Aly is, quite simply, AMAZING!!

Kim and Dave Bottoms (Burlingame, CA)

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