Doodle Ambassador

Name: Ace
Breed: Bernadoodle
Age: under 1 year
Weight: 55 lbs

Jake the Mulit-Gen Bernedoodle -Trained Dog for Sale!

  • Born 4/17/23 –Ready to go NOW!
  • Jake  Is a stunning, jaw-dropping tri-colored with a fleece, chenille soft, non-shedding coat. 
  • He 50-55 lbs .

This boy is a service dog contender or emotional support animal!

Jake is an outstanding candidate for service dog work or therapy work.  He is ready to pass ADI public access or therapy dog certification testing, aligning perfectly with the needs of his future home. His innate affinity for young people, coupled with his love for people, sets him apart as kind, gentle, and exceptionally eager to perform tasks. He is a proud product of Gail’s Doodles’ excellent breeding program, exemplifying what I fondly refer to as “Bernedoodle Magic.”  Jake’s demeanor is one of calmness, gentleness, and thoughtfulness, coupled with an eagerness to please. His training includes skills to interrupt self-harming behaviors, and DPT for anxiety, making him an ideal service dog contender Jake’s sweet nature extends to his mind, body, and soul, creating a connection with people that is both deep and affectionate. As he matures, he is sure to be a gentle, large dog, brimming with love and dash of playful fun!

Jake’s lineage is equally impressive. Many of his relatives from past Doodle Ambassadors have successfully taken on roles as Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, and Service Dogs. These lines are ones I hold in high regard, having trained numerous dogs from them and developing a deep love for each one. Jake’s mother, Maize, is known for her humor, gentleness, sweetness, and loyalty, while his father, Moose, is strikingly handsome and exceptional in every respect, sharing his lineage with the legendary Samson. Having had the opportunity to own and train siblings from every litter of Maize and Moose, I can attest to the exceptional quality of these lines.

Jake is unmatched in Heart and Mind, Encased in a Magnificent, Well-Proportioned Bernedoodle Physique

I love these lines! I love it when the generations gather at APBC! My Doodle Ambassadors are special; I personally temperament test these pups to and only allow the BEST into my Ambassador program. The unique thing is: This is a pup that I would want to be my own! My Ambassadors are trained by me & my team for approximately 6-8 months before they go to their PERFECTMATCH™ homes and it can be arranged for our APBC team member to bring your pup directly to you! These pups are truly the BEST of the BEST. Best breeding + Best foundation training + the PERFECTMATCH™ chosen humans=BEST DOG EVER!  He is neutered, we have his health records since birth, micro-chipped and current on rabies, parvo/distemper, bordetella vaccinations. If you want a devoted companion to go do everything with, this is your boy!  You can see him on FB and Instagram stories at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp.


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