Australian Labradoodle

Name: Bebe
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: 3
Weight: 47lbs

BEBE the AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE F1 Born 6/8/17.  Bebe is a gorgeous F1 Australian Labradoodle with a chenille soft, apricot,  slightly shedding coat.  She is 47 lbs.  I have known BeBe for years and she is retired from her illustrious breeding career at Loveable Labradoodles.  Bebe is kind, loving, and very people oriented. Bebe gets along with all humans and most dogs, but is no push over with over-exuberant dogs.  She is very good with male dogs but can be a bit opinionated with certain dogs, particularly female dogs.  Her entire life in her breeding career she spent with hormonal girls!  No wonder her patience was tested sometimes, LOL! She is the momma of our past Doodle Ambassador George.  Her eyes totally see into your soul!  She is calm minded, and so willing to please!  If you want a devoted companion, this is your girl.   We have her health records since birth.   She is current on all her vaccinations, microchipped and spayed. You can see Bebe daily on FB at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, and you can search specifically for her by typing, #apbcbebe in the search bar.

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