Doodle Ambassador

Name: Charlie
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: under 1 year
Weight: 10-20 lbs

Charlie the Mini Australian Labradoodle 

  • Born 4/2/2024
  •  He has a stunning chocolate, with a white splash on the chest and his chenille soft, non-shedding coat .
  • He will be 10- 20 lbs when fully grown

This stunning mini- sized boy is simply so wonderful and full of life.

Introducing Charlie, our delightful chocolate nugget of love and an exceptional Doodle Ambassador.  Charlie is a Mini Australian Labradoodle with a remarkable non-shedding coat, as soft as chenille, and stunning blue-green-gold eyes that gaze into your soul!  He should be well under 10-20 lbs when full grown.

This mini-sized boy is a bundle of joy and energy. During the temperament test, he was outstanding, impressing me with his calm, sweet, and confident demeanor, mixed with just the right amount of fun. Every day with Jamie is a delight. He’s loving and enjoys affection, equally happy cuddling up as he is learning new things with enthusiasm and engagement. His joyful spirit is infectious!

Charlie comes from amazing lines with deep roots in my trained dogs programs!

His momma Tesla and poppa Chandler come from Hale’s amazing breeding program. I have trained manyin Charlie’s direct lineage.  Charlie is set to be a soul partner like no other, ideal for someone who wants a devoted companion to share in all of life’s adventures. Charlie is ready to bring boundless love and companionship into your life.

You can see more of Charlie’s endearing moments on Instagram and Facebook stories at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, There is every indication that he will be as stunning and amazing as his lineage. He will be neutered before he leaves, we have his  health records since birth, micro-chipped and current on all vaccinations.



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