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Name: Cooper
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: 1 years
Weight: 37 lbs

Cooper the Australian Labradoodle – Trained Dog for Sale! 

  • Born 1-16-22
  • He has a stunning red colored,  non-shedding coat with a splash of white on the chest.

This handsome medium sized boy is simply so wonderful and full of life.

This stunning, handsome, boy has a sumptuous red/white-colored coat.  He is 37lbs.  His coat is chenille, soft, wavy fleece, and non-shedding. Cooper loves you at first glance and loves you a lot!  He is VERY kind, and very playful, friendly, fun and sweet with everyone. He will stare into your eyes for as long as your soul can take it.  He simply ADORES his people. He enjoys toys and fun of all kinds. He gets along with all the dogs.  He’s ideal for an energetic & active family seeking a loving friend to experience life’s adventures together. He can be vocal in his crate at times, but he quickly settles down when not given attention for that behavior. He wants to love you, and loves snuggles & affection. He is a gentleman in my home, and truly just adores his people. His owners underwent a major life transition and could no longer provide the care he deserved, so we welcomed him into our GREAT DOG program. He is neutered, microchipped and current on all vaccinations. We have his complete health history and he is in perfect health.  He came from a quality breeder that we’ve known for years! You can see him on FB and Instagram stories  at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp.

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