Dually’s Information

Dog Breed: Goldendoodle
Age: 2 months
Weight: 28-31 lbs.

Born 7/20/19, this amazing Goldendoodle and Labradoodle is truly the best of both worlds!   He is an amazing little guy that should range in size from 28-31 lbs. when full grown. He has a stunning red, non-shedding coat with amazing white trim.  His Momma, Ginger, is sweet and kind and a truly, lovely girl. Her daddy Huck is amazing, and I had the pleasure of training his daddy, Kellan, and his momma, Quincy.  And I’ve owned pups from both of these parents. I’ve had pups from these lines and they are super awesome!!! I was so excited for this pup to arrive! I’ve waited a year for this guy!!  He is calm, sweet, smart, fun-loving and enjoys everything around Aly’s Acres (the chickens, bunnies, horses, pig, goats, ducks, turtle, the kids and the adults that are always around!) He is going to make a FANTASTIC family dog and has the potential for a fantastic Therapy Dog or an Anxiety Relief dog.   Mom and Dad are truly incredible and I’m so thrilled my amazing breeders, Gail’s Doodles and Lovable Labradoodles teamed up on this DOUBLE DOODLE package of love. This pup will be the same as their lineage has proven. I have no doubt this pup will be CALM, bright as a button–just like the relatives I’ve trained in the past! I’m so excited to have this little one join our program. I love it when the generations gather at Aly’s Acres!! My Doodle Ambassadors are special… I have been personally evaluating these litters. These puppy’s come from the stellar breeding program of my dear friend, Gail & Kevin at Gail’s Doodles and Lovable Labradoodles. The unique thing is: These are pups that I would want to be my own! I’ve selected the parents, I’ve temperament tested the litter, and they will be raised and trained by me for approximately 6 months before they go to their PERFECTMATCH™ homes and it can be arranged for my team to bring your pup directly to you! These pups are truly the BEST of the BEST. Best breeding + Best foundation training + the PERFECTMATCH™ chosen humans=BEST DOG EVER!  And you can search for Dually by typing #apbcdually (microchip 603-334-882)


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