Great Dog Program

Name: Gator
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: 3 year
Weight: 25.5 lbs

Gator the Australian Labradoodle-Trained Dog for Sale! 

  • Born 9/21/20
  • He has a stunning apricot colored,  non-shedding,  coat. 
  • He weighs 25.5 pounds. 

This boy is overflowing with Love!

Meet Gator, a gentle soul enveloped in a luxurious apricot coat, as soft as the most exquisite chenille. Perfectly sized at 25.5 lbs, he’s the ideal balance between petite and robust. Gator, with his soft-spoken and tender nature, is a perfect match for a mature family. He may start off shy, but as he warms up, his heart opens wide with limitless affection. His initial reserve is simply a curtain, behind which lies a relaxed and joyful companion, his gentle manner an embodiment of love itself. Gator thrives in the serenity of an adult home, a haven where he can bask in peaceful companionship.  Don’t be surprised by his little whimsical moments too! 

A proud alumnus of Hale’s Labradoodles breeding program, Gator has gracefully retired from a successful career as a stud, leaving behind a legacy of beautiful offspring. He is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all vaccinations, including rabies, bordetella, and parvo/distemper. His impeccable health record is a testament to the care and expertise of a breeder we deeply trust. Gator’s endearing personality, full of warmth and gentleness, is showcased on Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp FB and Instagram Stories. Ready to bring a soft touch of joy and affection into your life, Gator is looking forward to starting a loving new chapter with a family that cherishes tranquility as much as he does.

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