Doodle Ambassador

Name: Iggy
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: under 1 year
Weight: approx 45-50 lbs

Iggy the standard  Labradoodle : Born 12/6/21- Iggy  is an incredibly sweet, Black/White parti boy!  He is approx. 45- 50 lbs.Iggy is completely trained and ready to go to his perfectmatch™ home now.  Iggy is a perfect contender for ESA or Personal anxiety relief animal. He is fully trained with all the skills necessary to pass Therapy Dogs International Testing and ACK Canine Good CItizens Test. He walks on a leash beautifully, comes when called off leash, rides in a car nicely, great in house and house trained, all obedience is strong with distance and distractions. Iggy is DEVOTED to his one human.  He has a quiet nature and does well in a quieter home. He is lower energy, and yet dashes of fun as well.  His happy spot is next to you or just hanging out with YOU, his special human. He will apply DPT.  He is perfect for a personal therapeutic animal. His behavior out in public is exceptional. He wants to be YOUR dog, YOUR special friend.  He has no desire to be friends with Tom, Dick and Harry, he will only have eyes for you!  He LOVES touch from his people.  He LOVES the LOVE from his people.  Around strangers, he is quiet and respectful, but would prefer not to interact with them. Iggy will bond deeply to his human family. He gets along with all dogs wonderfully. He is perfect for anyone over 15 years old that is looking for that mature level of relationship. He is an exceptional multi-gen labradoodle that comes from the amazing breeding program of Loveable Labradoodles. He has a sumptuous black/white, non-shedding coat.  So good looking! Momma, Juno, is a fantastic labradoodle and is the granddaughter of dogs we actually trained and placed in our GREAT DOG program after they retired from their breeding career.  Daddy Maxwell, is another amazing, kind, athletic, devoted boy that is one of a kind and jaw-dropping handsome, and again, daddy to many of our prior doodle ambassadors.!  I’ve trained over 18 dogs on both sides over the past decade.  Many of these babies have become full working service dogs, therapy dogs and wonderful family companions.  Sweet, thoughtful and kind! He is as amazing as his lineage indicated he should be. I love it when the generations gather at APBC! My Doodle Ambassadors are special; I personally temperament test these pups to and only allow the BEST into my Ambassador program. The unique thing is: This is a pup that I would want to be my own! My Ambassadors are trained by me and my team for approximately 6 months before they go to their PERFECTMATCH™ homes and it can be arranged for an APBC team member to bring your pup directly to you! These pups are truly the BEST of the BEST. Best breeding + Best foundation training + the PERFECTMATCH™ chosen humans=BEST DOG EVER! Iggy will be neutered before he leaves me, we have his health records since birth, micro-chipped and current on all rabies and parvo/distemper vaccinations. If you want a smart and energetic devoted companion to go do everything with, this is your boy! You can see Iggy on FB and Instagram Stories at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp

Having trouble? Download the application and email the completed form to info@alyspuppybootcamp.com

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