After training thousands dogs, and double that number of humans, I can tell you that finding the PERFECT MATCH™ is one of the most important elements in helping dogs and humans live a great life together. Whether bought, found or rescued, it is essential to find a dog that can live within your lifestyle. For a dog to be healthy in mind, body and soul it is imperative that you consider what is best for that individual dog.

Every dog that is given to me to train and sell comes with a complete history about where they came from and their vet care history. Any trained dog you purchase from me will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all vaccinations.

Your Trained Dog will have the following skills:

  • Walks nicely on a leash
  • Ready to go live life with you in a polite way
  • Manners and socialize well with other dogs and people
  • With additional training, some even can become Anxiety Relief working dogs, Therapy Dog or Service Dogs
  • House trained, crate trained and able to travel well in a car.

It is critical that each new owner has the necessary training to transition and continue on with a balanced life with their new pooch.

That’s why when you get a dog from me, you get my lifetime support too! You become part of the Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp family and will receive emails and video that contains Daily Foundation Knowledge along with access to the exclusive Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp Facebook community. You will be fully prepared to transition home with your new companion.

Our PERFECT MATCH™ program works because of the immersion of tried and true strategies that help you and your dog learn how to live together in a calm state of mind.

We want you to live a civilized and peaceful life with your chosen companion.

Mini Australian Labradoodle “Doodle Ambassador”

Dog Breed: Mini Australian Labradoodle

Age: 8 weeks.

Weight: 2 lbs

Likes: people, water, toys, other dogs, Everything!

Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 1.5 years

Weight: 50 lbs.

Likes: Playing, people, toys, friends!

Mini Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 5 yrs

Weight: 17.5

Likes: every person, place and thing

MINI Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Age: 6.5
Weight: 18 lbs.
Likes: people, walks, toys, other dogs, Everything!

Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 4.5

Weight: 34 lbs.


Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 3.5

Weight: 27 lbs

Likes: people, people, people, and more people

AKC Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: AKC Labrador Retriever

Age: 11 months

Weight: 63 lbs.

Likes: people, water, toys, other dogs, toys and toys!!

Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Age: Tanzi‘s
Weight: 28 lbs
Likes: her chosen people, walks, runs and other dogs

Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Age: 3
Weight: 26 lbs.
Likes: people, walks, toys, other dogs, Everything!

Australian Labradoodle

Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Age: 6 yrs
Weight: 34 lbs.
Likes: People, people and people.