Name: Sapphire
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: Puppy
Weight: 20-30 full grown

Sapphire the Labradoodle – Trained Puppy for Sale

  • Born 8-15-23.  Ready 30 or 60 days from now depending upon which training program you select!
  • This apricot girl has a sumptuous, caramel colored, chenille soft, wavy fleece, non-shedding coat.
  • She will be about 20-30 lbs full grown. 

This adorable girl is a bundle of joy and vibrancy

Welcome Sapphire, our enchanting caramel-coated puppy, a small but heartwarming presence that should be between 20-30 lbs full grown.. Her coat is a dream, a wavy, fleece texture as soft as the finest chenille, guaranteed to be non-shedding. Sapphire’s personality is all about spirited fun, animated love, and social butterfly charm, each aspect shining brightly in her lively demeanor. This little one’s heart is a fountain of affection, always ready with a happy wag of her tail and a playful bounce in her step. She carries a kind and friendly spirit, sprinkled with a touch of whimsy that captures the hearts of everyone she encounters. With a love for social interaction, Sapphire thrives on attention and approaches life with an admirable confidence. Ideal for a family dynamic, she’s adept at spreading cheer and is well-suited for homes with children eager to embrace her playful energy. Sapphire is a bundle of love, eager to match your every move and equally eager for those tranquil moments of cuddles and caresses.

Sapphire steps forward from a lineage known for its distinction, aligned with the reputable Moo Cow Labradoodles, a lineage renowned for its commendable traits, which I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and guiding through  generations. She is delivered to you in excellent health, she will go to you with a spay contract, microchipped, and kept up-to-date with her rabies, bordetella, and parvo/distemper vaccinations. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the delightful whirlwind that is Sapphire, a puppy whose life is a celebration of fun, love, and social delights. To catch a glimpse of Sapphire’s fun-filled days and to watch her loveable nature in action, follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp STORIES.

I love her curiosity, eye contact, her willingness to explore and LOVES snuggles. 

you will be sent with a spay contract, she will be micro-chipped and current on all Bordetella, Parvo/Distemper and Rabies. If you want a devoted companion to go do everything with, this is your girl! 


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