Bo‘s Information

Dog Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 5

Weight: 50 lbs.

Likes: people, people, people, and everything else too!

Born 7/19/12-Bo was selected by me before he was even born! I selected his mom and dad and I was pick of the litter for this amazing boy. He has lived with me since he was chosen. He is current on all vaccination, neutered, microchipped and his Apricot, sumptuous, non-shedding coat is amazing! Bo is an ADA Compliant behaving dog. He is a certified working Therapy Dog, but is truly an Emotional Support Dog in mind. He is has been everywhere and is a loving, well-behaved, devoted, fun, kind boy. He is happiest being with his special person. If you want a dog that wants to snuggle, hang out with you, and have all the fun you could ever want, this is your boy. He is completely off-leash trained and has all canine good citizen and advanced good citizen skills under his belt. Bo just wants to be your special boy…that is his nirvana. He wants to be with you morning, noon and night and never tires of wanting to be with you! Cute is as cute does, and he is very cute. There isn’t a person on the planet he doesn’t enjoy! You can find pictures and videos of Bo by searching on FB in the search bar– #apbcbo

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