Lucky-American Staffordshire Terrier


Lucky‘s Information

Dog Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Age: 3 years

Weight: 40 lbs

Likes: People, running, playing, and every toy, toy, toy on the planet!

Born 3 years ago, Lucky came to us as a puppy and graduated from our puppy program.  He had wonderful humans that saved him from a shelter.  His humans happen to live a very busy life.  They travel around the world, and every time they took a trip, Lucky would come back to stay with us.  As their time away from home grew, Lucky’s humans realized that they loved Lucky enough to give him up to me, so that he could find his PERFECTMATCH™ Family.  The reality of an American Staffordshire Terrier is that they require humans that can provide a ton of stability and day in/day out accountability.  Lucky  is often described as a goofball or clown. Although this medium-sized dog, by breed, is not always aggressive, the Staffie or “pit bull”  has a fearsome reputation because of his background as a fighting dog. But with people who appreciate and understand his personality, he can be a wonderful family companion.  These affectionate companions bond closely and completely with their humans, but the old fighting instinct still lurks within—making it vital that Staffies be socialized with other dogs from puppyhood to learn good canine manners, AND that their humans are able to provide on-going structure and reliability throughout their life.  Lucky is DEVOTED and an incredible ATHLETE.  He is up for ANY challenge that you physically want to do.  You want to do an IronMan?  Lucky is your man to do it with you.  Want to ride miles on a bike?  Lucky is your boy.  Want to play ball and play tug until your arm drops off?  Lucky is your boy!

He is a bright, fun, SMART, kind, delightful, obedient boy.  Completely off leash reliable and has many skills under his belt.  He is not for the meek or mild dog owner.  He needs a senior partner in the relationship…and he needs it every day! You can find pictures and videos of Lucky by searching on FB in the search bar– #apbclucky

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