Vandie‘s Information

Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Age: 2 months

Weight: 10 lbs.

Likes: people, water, toys, other dogs, Everything!

Doodle Ambassador VANDIE GIRL: Born 6/15/18  This is our amazing Fiona’s cousin!  Tux, her momma is simply as wonderful as Phoebe (Fiona’s mom!)  I have waited over a year for this pairing, and she is simply the best chocolate chunk of love, and we already adore her.  This ALAA, standard size girl has a wavy fleece, non-shedding coat. She is quiet-minded, just like her mommy, and full of love, devotion and fun!  This special girl is the kind of dog that can be with any person or any other animal and be completely happy. Great with people of all ages. I have known her aunt, Phoebe, since she was born, and I’ve been so impressed by her lovely heart, mind, body and soul, and momma, Tux, is just like her sister Phoebe! OH, and did I mention she’s a barrel of FUN too!   This pup loves to snuggle, and her hazel/gold eyes simply stare into your soul. She is coming from the fantastic breeding program of Brasken Kennels. Dogs like this are one-in-a-million and are born, not made. She will make an amazing Emotional Support Dog, Therapy Dog or Service Dog. We have her health records since birth, she will be spayed and current on all her vaccinations.

Her cousin, Fiona is a service dog in training and this pups will have many skills started that will continue to grow once her PERFECTMATCH ™ human is selected. Momma is Tux and Poppa is Willie, an athletic, fun-loving, handsome fluff ball of love. Both parents are sweet and kind and this pup is the two of them squared. Double chocolate plus double devotion equals double the love of your life!  If there ever was an emotional support system of and true life’s companion, it’s this pup. Stay tuned and catch Vandie Girl  in action daily on our FaceBook page at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp. You can find pictures and videos of Vandie by searching on FB in the search bar– #apbcvandie. (microchip #933000320030381) 

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