Sunny‘s Information

Dog Breed: European Cocker Spaniel
Age: 5
Weight: 28 lbs.
Likes: People, people and people, and dogs and people

 Born  1/19/14.  Sunny is an imported European stunning Cocker Spaniel, with a caramel- colored, chenille soft and typical cocker, average seasonal shedding coat.  He is 28 lbs. This stud muffin had a long breeding career at Country Labradoodles and was the stud that began a successful line of Cockapoos.  Sunny is now retired from his stellar breeding career and is ready to find his special home. He passed ALL his health testing and passes with flying colors on hips, elbows, eyes and genetic testing. He is kind, loving and an all around, sweet boy.  He is devoted and loves to play and enjoys his special doggie friends to play with. We have all his health records since birth and he is neutered, and current on all vaccinations. He is thoughtful and thinks things through!!! Stay tuned and catch Sunny in action daily on our FaceBook page at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp. You can find pictures and videos of Sunny by searching on FB in the search bar– #apbcsunny (75209600024021)

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