Cleo the French Bulldog in Action

CLEO the FRENCH BULLDOG: Born 10/8/13. Cleo is a gorgeous Black/White Frenchie. This little girl is PACKED FULL of PERSONALITY in her tiny body. She is 20 lbs full of Frenchie love! True to her breed, she is independent, loyal, smart as a whip and totally a kick to be around. She is spayed, microchipped and healthy. Cleo was my sister’s dog. My sister’s life has become chalk full of travel now with all her children in different states, a husband that fly’s international for Delta airlines, my sister is officially a jet-setter. Cleo came from a quality breeder of Frenchie’s and is healthy. A few allergies, but nothing extreme. She is given a daily canine benedryl. I trained Cleo when she was a puppy, and have seen her often through the years. She is hysterical! She is comfortable with anyone, young or old, doing anything, at any time. She will be happy to run the show! Cleo is our most recent addition to our TRAINED DOGS for SALE family. If you love FRENCHIE’s, this girl is the best of the breed.

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