What are the Pillars?

PILLAR: defined
Merriam Webster defines PILLAR as “2a: a supporting, integral, or upstanding member or part”

So in this case the Pillars of Pack Leadership are the integral parts of dog training you need to know. Aly has defined 5 different Pillars.

If you follow her on social media you will hear her talk about them, you can see hashtags, watch videos, but today we wanted to just lay them out there so you can understand a general overview of her training philosophy.

Pillar 1 Pillar of Pack leadership


Structure is living life purposefully and intentionally with your dog.

In the life of a dog, freedom needs to be earned. Dogs need jobs, and they need purpose. Getting along and learning how to JUST BE is how dogs live.

Pillars of Pack Leadership


Rituals are defined as “solemn ceremonies or actions performed in a customary way.”

He who controls the ritual, controls the status of the relationship.

Pillars of Pack Leadership


This is what you are doing when your dog is not in your crate.

Dogs love order, and when you practice leadership and boundaries in these activities you are building a solid foundation with your dog.

Pillars of Pack Leadership


Dogs don’t speak English, Spanish, or French.

They speak spatially. However, dogs are keenly intuitive and desire to know the intentions of other dogs and humans.

Pillars of Pack Leadership


This one is all about you, the human component!

The minute you welcome a dog into your life, a conduit of information flow has been established between you and your dog.

Here are some great resources to learn more about the Pillars of Pack Leadership.

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