Planning a Puppy Surprise This Christmas?

The Joy of a Christmas Puppy: Beyond the Festive Morning

The sight of a puppy with a Santa hat on Christmas Day is the excitement of a holiday delight! But remember, the joy of Christmas morning is just the beginning, and there are 364 other days to consider for your new furry friend.

Preparing for a Lifetime with Your Christmas Puppy

If a Christmas puppy is on your list, I’ve got some vital tips and an exclusive Puppy Workshop to get you started! Here’s how to ensure you’re making the right choice for a lifelong companion.

Essential Tips for Choosing Your Christmas Puppy

Evaluate Before You Commit: One key step is to work with a skilled trainer for evaluating your potential new puppy. I focus on helping owners look beyond just an adorable face. Assessing a puppy’s temperament, mindset, and energy is crucial, alongside their innate traits like prey drive, pack drive, and defensive drive. Understanding these aspects is vital in choosing a dog that aligns with your lifestyle and personality.

The Significance of Breed Selection: Choosing the right breed is crucial. It’s important to select a breed that fits your current life stage, living situation, and activity levels. Be truthful with yourself about the breed that best suits your lifestyle to avoid potential mismatches.

Finding the Right Breeder: When purchasing a puppy, it’s essential to find a reputable breeder who conducts thorough health screenings. Interacting with the puppy in various settings, including through virtual means like FACETIME, can provide a good sense of their temperament and suitability for your family.

Considering a Rescue: For those looking to rescue, it’s crucial to find a rescue organization that can offer an honest evaluation of the dog’s natural temperament. Spend time with the dog in different environments to truly understand their personality and how they might fit into your life. Be realistic and cautious, especially if there’s a history of the dog being returned.

Getting Puppy Prepared: Prepare for your new arrival by finding an experienced trainer with a diverse range of tools and methods. Our upcoming ACADEMY WORKSHOP-Puppy Edition, starting mid January, is the perfect opportunity for new puppy owners. This workshop includes comprehensive training videos, interactive sessions, and personalized guidance to ensure your puppy’s best start.

Join Our Academy Workshop for a Comprehensive Puppy Training Experience: Our January Academy Workshop, PUPPY EDITION, offers an extensive curriculum including the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy, special Meet and Greet Guidance, access to our Insider Club, and a private Facebook group for personalized guidance. Plus, the first five registrants get a one-on-one consultation with me! We also offer bonus content tailored to the workshop topic for an enriched learning experience.

Join us in the new year to ensure your Christmas puppy gets the perfect start in their new forever home!

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