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Puppy Parents!


Gail’s Doodles has teamed up with Alyson Rodges of  Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp to provide new puppy parents with some amazing knowledge so that you can go live life with your dog in a safe, sane and civilized way.

Let’s talk about it!  This is Aly’s private membership Community where Aly and the team dig in and answer all your questions! Members receive monthly training videos that target all kinds of subjects like: jumping on people, come when called, door bolting, counter surfing, barking at the FedEx guy, cohabitating with other furry friends and more!  And, you get access to our ever-growing library of videos already in the community vault!  PLUS you receive access to the private FB group where Aly and the team are there LIVE weekly, showing real-time training/demonstrations as they answer your questions. Only $15.99 per month – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! 


We want to invite you to join Aly’s Paws-itive Start Puppy Club! This Club gives you the answers to Aly’s top 3 most asked questions for puppies. The Club includes: – Aly’s Potty Training Video (everything you need to know!) – Her Schedule for Success (the secret sauce, every dog at Aly’s in-person training program follows this schedule) – AND her How to Walk on a Leash Video (teach your puppy from the beginning to have nice leash manners) – One Time Charge $19.99 – CLICK HERE FOR MORE PUPPY CLUB INFORMATION



We also want to offer our clients 50% off of Aly’s Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy.  This is the next best thing to training with Aly in-person. There are 35+ videos covering everything you need to know to go live life with your dog in a safe, sane and civilized way. It covers everything in the Puppy Club and SO MUCH MORE! Only $249 – One Time Charge – CLICK HERE FOR MORE ACADEMY INFORMATION


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