How It Works

Pooches live life together with us. Our dogs are exposed to a life with errands, kids, family of all ages, animals, distractions, schedules, friends, noises, smells, etc. Pooches become part of our extended family. With our social calendar, our dogs are exposed to a multitude of experiences that teach them how to cope with reality in a calm state of mind. We ‘party proof’ our pooches!

What is covered in Aly’s Puppy Bootcamp

All the basics of walking nicely on a loose-lead and basic obedience (“sit/wait”, “come”, “down”, “off”, “back” , “no” , “paws up” and working around distraction) are covered.

Other essential areas covered in our program are potty training, kennel/crate training, chewing, jumping, barking, digging, and socialization with children.

As your pooch is ready, additional items like treadmill, driving in cars, grooming—and doing it all in a calm, polite way are introduced. And through it all, your pooch learns impulse control and adrenaline management—a trait most parents wish their teenagers had more of, HA!

I’ve created DAILY HOMEWORK that you will receive via email that gives you the foundation of knowledge that you will need to have a fantastic relationship with your pooch. You learn as your pup learns too. I also post pictures and videos on Facebook and YouTube so you can learn right along with your pooch!!

Our boot camp culminates in an amazing “GRADUATION” where owners are required to come spend a few hours with me, my pack and your pooch where we give you your SCHEDULE for SUCCESS! Before you leave, you will know exactly what you will be doing with your pooch from sunrise to sunset! And, once you graduate, you will have access to our private FB group, Aly’s Alumni, where you can go for on-going support, help and answers to your questions! Aly and her team pop in all the time and our extended family all chime in to give you the help you need, right when you need it!

To get started, head over to our Plans and Packages page!

Also if you want to buy dogs that are already trained checkout our Trained Dogs for Sale page.

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