Potty Time

Potty Time…needs to be a regular part of your program.

Select your “potty area” and go back there for each and every “Go Potty” moment.

It is not play time.

It’s not talk time.

It’s not pet your dog time.

It’s get to business, quietly and efficiently time.

Keep your pup on a lead for as long as it takes until you know your pup is ready to always get busy and not run off and play. Really watch your little one because puppies are like a fine-tuned machine…..what goes in, will go out in about 15 – 30 minutes.

Every time after waking up; out to Potty place. When an accident occurs (not if, but when) DO NOT PUNISH. Simply take pup to potty area, praise when pup goes and COMPLETELY CLEAN UP THE SOILED AREA. You don’t want to leave any scent residue—or it will become a new potty spot.

Accidents are 100% a human’s lack of supervision issue.

Not picking up or ‘reading’ your pup’s particular clues is the issue; not a puppy’s desire to go in the wrong spot. Also, don’t ever take a puppy’s behavior personal. Just re-evaluate what went wrong and what you could do differently to make the better behavior easier for puppy to execute.

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