Service Dog in Training Love Story

I’m absolutely thrilled to share a heartwarming story with you, one that’s very close to our hearts. Our beloved service dog in training, Winston, is beginning a new chapter in his life as he finds his forever home with his special girl, Sutton, all the way in Nebraska. It warms our hearts to see this amazing family become a part of our extended family, and we feel truly blessed and grateful to be a part of this incredible journey.


Winston is no ordinary service dog in training; he’s a proud member of Aly’s elite Doodle Ambassador program, renowned for producing exceptional service dogs with extraordinary skills and hearts filled with love.

His training journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. We’ve specifically prepared Winston to respond swiftly and diligently in times of need, to FIND HELP, ensuring Sutton’s safety and well-being, especially when her ventilator becomes unattached. He also can pick up things that are dropped and bring them to her, and Sutton’s personal favorite, is PAWS UP so she can receive a reassuring kiss! But beyond his remarkable capabilities, it’s the everyday moments that truly make Winston an invaluable companion.

Since the moment he stepped into Sutton’s life, Winston’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging with joy. His abundant kisses and comforting Deep Pressure Therapy have already brought immense comfort to Sutton, alleviating her aching legs and providing solace to her heart. With Winston by her side, Sutton’s life is destined to be forever enriched.

The boundless love, unwavering companionship, and heartwarming sense of security that Winston brings to Sutton’s life are truly beyond measure. He’s more than just a Service Dog in Training; he’s a furry, loyal friend who will stand by her side through thick and thin.

Thanks to Wendie & Alexis task training and the rest of my team’s expert training and the exceptional service provided by Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, Winston is now ready to embrace his new role with absolute dedication and devotion. The bond between Sutton and Winston is already remarkably strong, and we know it will only grow stronger with each passing day.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the incredible impact service dogs can have on the lives of their human companions. Winston’s presence in Sutton’s life is sure to bring immeasurable joy, comfort, and support, making every day brighter and more fulfilling.

To all our devoted Aly’s Angels who have contributed to making this magic possible, your dedication is deeply appreciated. Your love and support have played a crucial role in transforming lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Our Aly’s Angels philanthropic works helped Sutton and her family to help make this perfect match possible. 

Join me in sending warm congratulations to Sutton and Winston as they embark on this beautiful journey together. Their story is a testament to the life-changing power of a well-trained service dog from Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp.

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