Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bedroom? (answer: in the future)

Pillars of Pack Leadership ™—Bedtime Rituals

One of the most popular questions I get is:

Should I let my dog sleep in the bedroom?

Answer: Yes, but not just yet.

That kind of privilege needs to come when he has the maturity to handle it.

If you allow your pup in your bedroom too soon, he/she won’t handle it well when that privilege is removed for whatever reason.

For now, bed is in his crate, in a quiet space in your home. You need to rest and not be disturbed at every sound.

He/She needs to be able to cry and not be exposed to your reaction to it.

He/She needs the safety and security of his crate. He/She needs to rest.

He/She is not mature enough to handle free-roaming of the home.

Eventually…your room…when invited, will be a wonderful place of relaxing and lounging.

I have found that if you crate for the first year, they are emotionally prepared to handle the privilege of sleeping with their person and keeping the relationship in balance. Too much, too soon, will make the little pup feel too powerful in your pack. You will have to determine what your little pup can handle.

However, crates, like dens in the natural world, are the most calming and safe place your friend can have during their rest times. I drape a towel over the crate since it has open sides which help to mimic a den feeling.

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