Top Tips for Tangle-Free Doodles: Grooming Your Curly Canine!

Keep Your Pup Perfectly Pampered between professional grooming visits.  Learn the top tips from Alyson Rodges of Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, trainer of over 6500 doodles!

Doodle dogs, with their unique, curly, and often dense coats, are adorable but require special care to keep them looking their best.

Regular grooming is essential to prevent mats and tangles, and it also promotes overall coat health.  In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about grooming your doodle in between the recommended every 4-6 weeks of professional grooming’s, including the importance of line brushing, the benefits of using the right products, the role of blow dryers, and the necessity of trimming around the eye area.

The Magic of Line Brushing

Line brushing is a grooming technique that involves parting your doodle’s hair in sections and brushing each layer from the skin outward. This method ensures that you thoroughly remove tangles and prevent mats from forming deep in the coat. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  1. Prevents Matting: By reaching down to the skin, line brushing prevents the formation of mats, which can cause discomfort and skin issues.
  2. Promotes Coat Health: Regular brushing helps distribute natural oils, keeping your doodle’s coat shiny and healthy.
  3. Detects Skin Issues Early: Daily grooming allows you to check for any skin problems, parasites, or other concerns that might be hidden under the dense fur.

Essential Tools for Daily Grooming

To keep your doodle’s coat in top shape, you need the right tools. A slicker brush and a metal comb are must-haves for daily grooming. Here’s why:

  • Slicker Brush: Perfect for removing tangles and loose hair.
  • Metal Comb: Ideal for detecting and eliminating smaller tangles and ensuring a thorough grooming session.

Enhance Your Grooming Routine with the Right Products

Cowboy Magic and Chris Christensen are my GO-TO products for daily grooming care and should be a part of your grooming arsenal. Their detanglers and conditioners make brushing easier and more effective, reducing the risk of pulling or causing discomfort to your dog. These products also add a beautiful shine to the coat, making your doodle look and feel fabulous.

Blow Drying Done Right

A blow dryer is not just for human hair! Using a blow dryer on your doodle, in the correct direction—following the hair growth—can aid in keeping the coat smooth and tangle-free, especially after baths or outdoor adventures. It helps speed up the drying process and prevents dampness, which can lead to skin issues. Most importantly, when blowing is done correctly, even on a dry dog, with the air flow moving in a single direction, it can actually blow out matts that are beginning to form.  I dry blow dogs almost daily at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp.

Trimming Around the Eyes: A Clear View

Trimming the eye area between professional grooming visits is essential for your doodle’s comfort and health. Keeping this area neat improves your dog’s vision and prevents eye irritations and infections. For the best results, use three types of shears:

  1. Curved Shears: Perfect for precise trimming around the eyes and the visor..
  2. Straight Shears: Great for cutting longer hair.
  3. Thinning Shears: Ideal for blending and softening the edges for a natural look.

The Benefits of Regular Grooming

Consistent grooming sessions not only keep your doodle looking their best but also strengthen the bond between you and your dog, making it a positive experience for both. Investing time in daily grooming ensures your doodle remains comfortable, mat-free, and healthy.

A Doodle Doo that works…Learn more about what the WALA advises for grooming tips and guidelines for your Doodle!!


Regular grooming is the key to keeping your doodle looking and feeling fantastic. With the right techniques, tools, and products, you can easily maintain your doodle’s coat health between professional grooming visits. Remember, a well-groomed doodle is a happy doodle, ready to join you on all your adventures!

By incorporating these grooming tips into your routine, you’ll ensure your doodle stays perfectly pampered and always looking their best. Happy grooming!

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