CeeCee-Australian Labradoodle


CeeCee‘s Information

Dog Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Age: 1

Weight: 19 lbs

Likes: Toys, toys, toys, and people, and more toys….

CeeCee was born on  11/14/2015 and the world has never quite been the same.  She is a delightful, brown and white Parti-colored  Australian Labradoodle.  She has an amazing, soft, fleece, non-shedding coat.  She is small sized, approx. 18-20 lb.  She is spayed, microchipped and current on all her vaccinations.  I have her records since birth.  She is fun, smart, confident, sassy, energetic and committed to being with her people.  Nothing fazes CeeCee!  She loves toys, toys, more toys and even more toys.   She loves being right in the thick of the action with her humans and her dog friends.  She is a party ready to happen!  CeeCee LOVES playing and will teach you how to play as well. There isn’t a toy on the planet that this Parti-Girl doesn’t enjoy!  Life is meant to be lived, and CeeCee will live it with you!


Check out this video of CeeCee in action!

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