Lucy Lu-ALAA Australian Labradoodle

SOLD – “Doodle Ambassador” Program

Lucy Lu‘s Information

Dog Breed: Mulit-Gen Labradoodle

Age: 4 months old

Weight: 10 lbs

Likes: adults, kids, cats, goats, horses, pigs, bunnies, toys–you name it, she loves it!

Lucy Lu, born 1/5/17 is jet black, with two white hind paws, with a dab of white under her chin. She is AMAZING! She will be on the smaller side of the small category. Probably 22-30 lbs. Her mommy, Zoe, is a gorgeous, small, black ALAA labradoodle that I trained as a pup and my best friend owns her. She is calm, kind and sweet. Her daddy is also a small ALAA labradoodle, but with the stocky build I love in Labradoodles. He was one of my all-time favorite studs. I’ve trained dozens of his lineage either in children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Jakin is a parti (black and white) 30 lb boy and this was the final litter in his wonderful, long career. He is now retired from stud service and living with his family. This gorgeous girl came from my best friend, Tiffany, from Sweet Home Labradoodles! We couldn’t be more thrilled with this amazing girl! She is the total package and I’ve been smitten with her since birth! Lucy Lu is our first member of our Doodle Ambassador Program! My favorite breeders and I have created a unique opportunity. They are allowing me first pick of their very specially chosen litters. (mom’s and dad’s that I have requested to be bred, and when they do, I’d receive a pup–the pick of the litter that I personally temperament test) I have been personally evaluating these litters and will continue to do so weekly until I get to choose my puppy. These wonderful breeders, Brasken Labradoodles, Premiere Labradoodles, Loveable Labradoodles, Gail’s Goldendoodles and Sweet Home Labradoodles have had long-term relationships with me, and they are very excited about the exposure these pups will gain for them as a result of being part of my trained dogs for sale Ambassador program. The unique thing is: This is a pup that I would want to be my own!  I’ve selected the parents, I’ve been seeing the pups the pups since birth, temperament tested, and they will be raised by me for 4-6 months before they go to their PERFECTMATCH™ homes and it can be arranged for me to bring your pup directly to you!

Lucy Lu has only one look-GORGEOUS!

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