What is the best way to train your puppy?

At Aly’s Puppy Bootcamp, we often get asked what the best way to train a puppy?

The answer is always to build a strong foundation of relationship and obedience through the Pillars of Pack Leadership. It is never too early or too late to build a healthy foundation for your dog (and family!)

There are a variety of ways to train with us.

Online or Virtual Puppy Training

Aly’s Insider Club

Aly’s Insider Club is an active, private, facebook community and is a great place to get connected to other dog families who share the same training philosophy. Each week in the group Aly, Luke and the APBC team hosts LIVE trainings. These trainings are the best way to keep your training fresh and to get some of your questions answered.  Aly also posts videos about jumping, walking, coming when called, door manners etc. Members of Aly’s Insider Club get instant access to all of the training videos in the archive.

Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy

The Academy is a comprehensive, video based course that contains over 35 videos!  This signature online course is the next best thing to in-person training. You will learn everything there is to know about Aly’s Pillars of Pack Leadership:

  • Establishing Effective Structure
  • Establishing Effective Rituals
  • Purpose Driven Activities
  • Respect of Space
  • The Human Component

Private Zoom or Facetime Coaching with Aly and Luke

If you have a specific behavior problem or need a strategy to help you get you and your dog on the right track, then private coaching is a very good option.

Depending on the situation Aly & Luke will either send you a video for your specific situation or they will set up a 50 min live session via Zoom or Facetime so that she can speak with you directly.

In Person Dog Training

If you are able to be in or send your dog to Aly’s Puppy Bootcamp in California, then your dog will learn all of the basics from walking nicely on a leash, to potty training, driving in cars, and socialization – all while maintaining a calm state of mind (for both pooch and owner).

It is our passion to care for the heart, mind, body and soul for our dogs. It is our goal & mission to enable our clients to be able to do the same for their dogs and become the BEST dog owner that they can be. It is our life’s work to help dogs discover how to live life with people in a balanced, safe, sane and calm way.

If you would like to work with Aly & Luke to begin your journey, book a discovery call with them.

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